The Vital Question

The Vital Question : Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life ; Nick Lane [Alex Kim’s Comment] This book is recommended by Bill Gates. I though this book is a biology book. However, I learned how the world is built after finishing this book. [Introduction] > All complex life on earth shares a common … More The Vital Question

2017 Collection

FireBook ; the reviews of casual books [Citations] 1. Jack Canfiled’s Success Principle 2. Robert Herjavec’s The Will to Win (on going) 3. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People 4. Sihyung Lee’s Study Hard 5. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool’s PEAK 6. Jordan Ellenberg’s How Not To Be Wrong 7. Kathryn Schulz’s … More 2017 Collection

Being Wrong

Being Wrong Adventures in the Margin of Error ; Kathryn Schulz [Review] > We feel much more pleasure when we are right than sex, food or sports. > The experience of being right is imperative for our survival. > However, this book is about the opposite. It is about being wrong: about how we as … More Being Wrong


PEAK How to Master Almost Everything by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool > Ray Allen is a ten-times All-Star in the National Basketball Association and the greatest three-point shooter in the history of that league. People said that he is innately talented, but Allen disagreed. “I hate people say that I’m gifted. I wasn’t a … More PEAK

From Panic to Power

From Panic to Power ; Lucinda Bassett This is just a book review. These are not my words. I. Discovery > People with anxiety are more intelligent, creative, and detailed. Those people overintellectualize, overanalyze, and use their creativity to envision the worst possible scenarios. > You need to trust yourself and know that you have … More From Panic to Power

Sapiens Review

Sapiens (A Brief History of Humankind) ; Yuval Noah Harari This is just a book review. These are not my words. I. The Cognitive Revolution > 13.5 billion years ago, Big Bang happened. 300,000 years after, atoms became molecules. 3.8 billion years ago, Earth became formed. 70,000 years ago, Homo sapiens came. [Revolutions] Conitive Revolution … More Sapiens Review

Super Brain

Super brain ; Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi This is just a summary of a book. These are not my words. 1. Life is a creation. 2. Use your brain.  Do not let the brain use you. 3. We need to recall experiences, information, and creations. 4. If you want to know what your … More Super Brain