How to See Unseen?

How Can We See What We Can’t See? Mathematical Approcahes to the Truth Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to use mathematics to discover unseen truth. Internet is a great invension that makes us able to find a lot of information. However, we also often fall into biased information. Moreover, we even have possiblites … More How to See Unseen?

Cardio Debate

Cardio Discussion Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to discuss exercise again. Especially, we are going to look through cardio workouts today. You want to be sexy? You want to be fast? You want to be stronger? You definitely need cardio workouts. Let’s take a look at a function. First of all, we are … More Cardio Debate

Energy Debate

Energy Debate Mathematical Approaches to Be Energized Today we are going to discuss how to improve or maintain good energy. What is the solution for the ideal energy during the daytime? Let’s start with a simple function y = -x. Y values represent energy levels, whereas X values represent time awakened. The function is a … More Energy Debate