Detective Kevin

Detective Kevin Things happened. A fourteen years old girl was kidnapped by one guy and sxually assulted. It happened around 2pm at Microsoft Church in Victoria, BC. Police officers narrowed dawn the suspectives within six individuals. “Detective, Kevin… those are the possible suspectives.” An officer John Rei said. “Those are all ugly.” Detective Kevin Curts … More Detective Kevin

2017 Collection

FireBook ; the reviews of casual books [Citations] 1. Jack Canfiled’s Success Principle 2. Robert Herjavec’s The Will to Win (on going) 3. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People 4. Sihyung Lee’s Study Hard 5. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool’s PEAK 6. Jordan Ellenberg’s How Not To Be Wrong 7. Kathryn Schulz’s … More 2017 Collection


Money Alexander Kim Honey, let’s have a baby. One thousdands dollar, you are so cute. Two thousands dollar, you are my daughter. Last night, I shat a toonie. Today, I had a diarrhea and released five dollar. The doctor told me that I got constipated with twenty dollar. My one thousdands son betrayed me. My … More Money

Cardio Debate

Cardio Discussion Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to discuss exercise again. Especially, we are going to look through cardio workouts today. You want to be sexy? You want to be fast? You want to be stronger? You definitely need cardio workouts. Let’s take a look at a function. First of all, we are … More Cardio Debate

Energy Debate

Energy Debate Mathematical Approaches to Be Energized Today we are going to discuss how to improve or maintain good energy. What is the solution for the ideal energy during the daytime? Let’s start with a simple function y = -x. Y values represent energy levels, whereas X values represent time awakened. The function is a … More Energy Debate


Utopia Somewhere in Victoria, BC… Alex Kim is with his only son Abraham Kim… “Dad, that is a warship.” The four years old Abraham Kim said. “No, Son. That is just an ordinary ship.” Alex Kim said. “I want to be a captain when I grow up.” The four years old Abraham Kim said. “You … More Utopia