Utopia Somewhere in Victoria, BC… Alex Kim is with his only son Abraham Kim… “Dad, that is a warship.” The four years old Abraham Kim said. “No, Son. That is just an ordinary ship.” Alex Kim said. “I want to be a captain when I grow up.” The four years old Abraham Kim said. “You … More Utopia

Alien Debate

Alien Debate I’m not writing this argument to prove that aliens do not exist. The reason for me writing this is to encourage you to believe in something with objective-based information. In part I, I will bring scientific grounds and in part II, I will bring Bible for this. [Part I] Before I start the … More Alien Debate

Being Wrong

Being Wrong Adventures in the Margin of Error ; Kathryn Schulz [Review] > We feel much more pleasure when we are right than sex, food or sports. > The experience of being right is imperative for our survival. > However, this book is about the opposite. It is about being wrong: about how we as … More Being Wrong

End Time Discussion

God’s Eyes Foreseeing our Future ; God already has planted our future destiny God has already foreseen the destiny of humanity. The invention of fire is the first example. During the pristine time, human beings ate raw foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fishes, meats, etc. Then, they invented fire and ate roasted foods. Later, human … More End Time Discussion

How to Gain Wisdom

How to Increase Wisdom Today we are going to discuss how to increase knowledge and wisdom. Before we start, we will discuss how bad is being proud and arrogant. “But when his (King Nebuchadnezzar’s) heart becme arrogant and hardened with pride, he was deposed from this royal throne and stripped of his glory.” [Daniel 5:20]. … More How to Gain Wisdom

The Gladiators

“We are fighters. We are neither violent nor aggressive. However, we are not peaceful fighters either. We fight for our clients. We even fight our friends. But people need us.” Andy Moore said. Andy Moore is a lawyer. He is a fourty-year-old very handsome lawyer. He looks a little bit younger than his age. He … More The Gladiators

We Are One

We Are One Alex Kim     “Do you see someone skilled in their work?  They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.  [Proberbs 22:29]”   Today we are going to discuss about community.  We live together and build a community.  Further, we serve a nation and the whole … More We Are One


PEAK How to Master Almost Everything by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool > Ray Allen is a ten-times All-Star in the National Basketball Association and the greatest three-point shooter in the history of that league. People said that he is innately talented, but Allen disagreed. “I hate people say that I’m gifted. I wasn’t a … More PEAK