The Vital Question

The Vital Question : Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life ; Nick Lane [Alex Kim’s Comment] This book is recommended by Bill Gates. I though this book is a biology book. However, I learned how the world is built after finishing this book. [Introduction] > All complex life on earth shares a common … More The Vital Question

How to See Unseen?

How Can We See What We Can’t See? Mathematical Approcahes to the Truth Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to use mathematics to discover unseen truth. Internet is a great invension that makes us able to find a lot of information. However, we also often fall into biased information. Moreover, we even have possiblites … More How to See Unseen?

The Chesterfield

The Chesterfield Chesterfield is a market town and a borough in Derbyshire, England. It is also called a main territory of Rome. This city is known with a plenty of glasses, mining, and irons. Nowdays a chesterfield is called a sofa. A lot of close friends sit together on it. 1980… “Hey, do you want … More The Chesterfield

Detective Kevin

Detective Kevin Things happened. A fourteen years old girl was kidnapped by one guy and sxually assulted. It happened around 2pm at Microsoft Church in Victoria, BC. Police officers narrowed dawn the suspectives within six individuals. “Detective, Kevin… those are the possible suspectives.” An officer John Rei said. “Those are all ugly.” Detective Kevin Curts … More Detective Kevin

2017 Collection

FireBook ; the reviews of casual books [Citations] 1. Jack Canfiled’s Success Principle 2. Robert Herjavec’s The Will to Win (on going) 3. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People 4. Sihyung Lee’s Study Hard 5. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool’s PEAK 6. Jordan Ellenberg’s How Not To Be Wrong 7. Kathryn Schulz’s … More 2017 Collection