Your Path With Mathematics

Your Path with Mathematics

Today we are going to discuss your life path with mathematics. Your decisions, behaviours, and goals have consequences. That is, whatever you do, think, and hope will lead your life. I will explain this with some functions.

Let’s start with a linear function.

Y = X

This is a very simple function. You can start your life from x = 0 or even x = – 1000

The thing is that you go up anyway. You can be at x = 100 or even x = 100000 something like that.

Y = – X is opposite. You can start from x = 100 but you are already down.

Let’s think a quadratic function.

Y = XX

This is a very simple function too. The graph goes down until x-value is zero and goes up after x-value is zero. Y = – XX is opposite. The graph goes up until x-value is zero and goes down after x-value is zero.

What about a cubic function?


This function is not a linear function but behave the same as Y = X

The graph continuosly goes up.

Let’s make a very complicated function.

Y = (X – 1)(X – 2)(X – 3)(X – 4)(X – 5)(X – 6)(X – 7)

The degree of this function is seven. This is a really complicated function. Let me explain about this graph since this is really complicated. When x-value is one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven, y-value is zero. This means that the graph keeps shifting up and down. The graph changes the direction seven times. However, in the end, the graph keeps going up.

There is an interesting factor. Some of the graphes move differently but the thing is that Regardless of the degree and the complication of any functions, the graph eventually moves to the one only direction.

This means that your one choice can rule your life. If the graph means your one decision and x-value means time, this can definitely work.

In conclusion, however complicated your life is, your choices, actions, and dreams will lead to the one direction. And remember that your one choice can conclude your graph, which is life.

Thanks 🙂


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