Blood Tea

Blood Tea

This is Lindsay Lohan. If anyone hears this message, you will assume that I’m dead. This is the last message I give to you. Don’t every read scary or sad stories. Don’t love someone too much. Don’t let them take advantages from you.”

Lindsay Lohan left the voice message.

Three months ago…

Lindsay Lohan is a thirty-year-old Canadian living in Victoria BC. She is 165cm-tall. She works for Service Canada. She is very quite but very friendly. For that reason, the most of her coworkers like her. She has a fiance. His name is Brandon Robert. He is a very good-looking guy. He is 191cm-tall and German. His job is a model but makes very little money with it. In fact, he is a kind of gangsters. Mostly, he goes to bar or watch some movies. He does volunteer in Our Place, the homeless service place, but it is not from the good motivation. He just wants to kill time. He exercises a lot at gym. Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Robert has been living together for almost an year. Their relationships has been going well.

Babe, I love you so much.”

Brandon Robert said.

I know.”

Lindsay Lohan kissed Brandon Robert.

Although Brandon Robert does not try to find a job or at least a part-time job, Lindsay Lohan still likes and trusts him; however, a very cruel event is waiting for them ahead.

Saturday morning…

Babe, can you give me 200 CAD?”

Brandon Robert said.

Sure. What are you going to do with this?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

I’m trying to find some clothes for myself.”

Brandon Robert said.

We can do that together, Brandon.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

No, you just stay at home. I will be quick. I just don’t want to spend time outside too much. I love you.”

Make Sand suddenly left.

Lindsay Lohan poured out the coffee and read the newspapers.

Brandon Robert in downtown…

Brandon Robert is meeting an young woman. Her name is Sara Hint. She is 171cm-tall and English. She is a similar age to Brandon Robert. Brandon Robert is twenty-two-year-old and Sara Hint is twenty-year-old.

You… drive me crazy !!!”

Sara Hint said.

You are super sexy !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

Brandon Robert and Sara Hint spent for three hours dating and Brandon Robert bought some gifts for Sara Hint. After that, Brandon Robert went to Value Village and bought some clothes to prove that he was shopping for his clothes to Lindsay Lohan.

Evening… at the house…

You took a long time than I expected.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Yes, I met some friends out and did not expect that at all.”

Brandon Robert lied.

So, what do you think of my dress?”

Lindsay Lohan is wearing a shinny red dress.

So… Gorgeous… Baby…”

Brandon Robert said.

They went to a room and tickled each other.

Brandon, are you going to marry me?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Of course, I will. I love your.”

Brandon Robert touched the lips of Lindsay Lohan with his finger-tips.

Sunday morning…

Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Robert went to Thunder Storm Church. They finished services and a Chinese Restaurant.

What are you going to eat?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Well… I should ask.”

Brandon Robert said.

Would you like to order?”

An young cute Chinese waitress said.

Well… what should I eat?”

Brandon Robert said.

I can recommend you squid and shrimp spicy noodles for you. This is my favourite.”

The cute Chinese waitress said.

OK. I will do that. How about you, babe?”

Brandon Robert said.

Well… I go to the same thing.”

Lindsay Lohan said.


Brandon Robert said.

You’re welcome. You are so handsome.”

The Chinese waitress smiled and left.

Do you like her?”

Lindsay Lohan began to feel jealousy.

Well… I think she is very ugly. You are the most charming woman I know.”

Brandon Robert smiled and touched the lips of Lindsay Lohan with his finger-tips.

Soon, the foods arrived in and they enjoyed the foods. Lindsay Lohan was about to check out but Brandon Robert told her that he is going to do that. Then, Brandon Robert payed 25 CAD and secretly gave his phone number to the cute Chinese waitress.

It was such an awesome place. I wonder why we’ve never known…”

Lindsay Lohan said walking out the door.

Truly !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

At night… Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Robert tickled each other.

Hahahaha Ahhahahaha… Yes, tickle me harder !!!”

Brandon Robert is ticking Lindsay Lohan’s armpits.

Haha Hahahaha !!!”

Brandon Robert tickled Lindsay Lohan’s feet.

They kissed each other and slept.

Monday morning…

Lindsay Lohan went to work and Brandon Robert went to the Chinese Restaurant which Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Robert went.

Is Yang Zao working today?”

Brandon Robert talked to a male manager of the restaurant.

Yes, she is working today.”

The male manager said.

Soon, Yang Zao, the Chinese Waitress, came and greeted.

When do you finish working today?”

Brandon Robert said.

I work until 11pm today.”

Yang Zao said.

Would you like to spend time with me later?”

Brandon Robert said.

Sure. Come and get me at eleven.”

Yang Zao smiled.

Brandon Robert came back home but he was bored. So, he went to gym and exercised for two hours. He went a bar and drank a little bit. When he came back home, Lindsay Lohan was there.

Babe, I missed you.”

Brandon Robert said.

You always miss me.”

Lindsay Lohan smiled and kissed Brandon Robert.

What did you do today?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Well… I was trying to figure out some jobs.”

Brandon Robert said.

Did you have any lucks?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Not yet… Don’t worry. I will figure out.”

Brandon Robert said.

Lindsay Lohan always believes whatever Brandon Robert says. Brandon Robert used to work as a model regularly until he met Lindsay Lohan. Due to the fact that Lindsay Lohan has a good job, Brandon Robert is getting very lazy. Lindsay Lohan is cooking and Brandon Robert is watching TV.

Brandon, are you very hungry?”

Lindsay Lohan said at the kitchen.

Yes, babe. I’m so hungry for you.”

Brandon Robert said.

Brandon, do you want to have a regular meal or a full meal?”

Lindsay Lohan said again.

Full Meal !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

They enjoyed eating and watched TV together. Then, it became 10pm.

Babe, I’m going to meet my friend. Will it be OK you are at home alone?”

Brandon Robert said.

I will be fine. Enjoy !”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Brandon Robert went to the Chinese Restaurant where Yang Zao is working. Brandon Robert is clothed with leather jeans and Yang Zao likes it.

Hey, you are so sexy today.”

Yang Zao said.

Yang Zao is 161cm-tall.

Not as much as you !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

So, where do you take me?”

Yang Zao said.

Let’s go to a movie and we can think of that.”

Brandon Robert said.

They watched a movie and went to Kiss Kiss Bar.

I’ve never been with an Asian woman.”

Brandon Robert said.

OK. So, what do you say about me?”

Yang Zao said.

You drive me crazy. You are so HOT !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

I don’t know I want to believe that.”

Yang Zao smiled.

They had a lot of conversations and went to Don’t Don’t Hotel.

Hahaha… I love that.”

Yang Zao is ticking Brandon Robert’s feet.

Then, she tickled Brandon Robert’s armpits with her toes. When Brandon Robert came back to the house, Lindsay Lohan went to work. For two weeks, Brandon Robert has dated a number of women and Lindsay Lohan still has not realized. However, Brandon Robert decided to be straight again. He did some online job searches and contacted some modelling agencies. Since he is incredibly good-looking, he got a job. The paying is not that high but at least this is good for him because he makes some money. Brandon Robert made 5,000 CAD from the job. Brandon Robert purchased a pair of crystal earrings and gave them to Lindsay Lohan.

Brandon, I love these. Thank you.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

However, after the modelling job, Brandon Robert became lazy again. He dated a number of different women again. Brandon Robert felt very attracted to Yang Zao, the Chinese Waitress. Brandon Robert has seen her secretly and one day Lindsay Lohan felt something suspicious. Lindsay Lohan knows that Brandon Robert is usually bored but he is always busy except weekends. One day Lindsay Lohan checked Brandon Robert’s phone while he is sleeping. There are a lot of different names.

Maybe… I’m thinking too much.”

Lindsay Lohan was about to put the phone back but she found an Asian name and it was Yang Zao.

He never told me about an Asian friend. He can’t have an Asian friend. It can’t be.”

Lindsay Lohan copied the phone number to her phone and slept. One day, Lindsay Lohan made a clever trick. Lindsay Lohan lied to Brandon Robert that she is doing some extended work and she was hiding somewhere. Lindsay Lohan phoned Yang Zao.


Yang Zao spoke.

Hi, my name is Lindsay and your name is in my phone. So, I’m wondering what you do. I work for government. Do you mind talking about yourself for me so that I can know why you are in my phone?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Well… I’m Yang Zao. I’m twenty-seven-year-old and work for a Chinese restaurant part-time.”

Yang Zao said.

He has been cheating…”

Lindsay Lohan realized.

At 7pm…

Lindsay Lohan came back home and Brandon Robert was watching TV.

How are you, honey?”

Lindsay Lohan made a fake smile.

I missed you so much.”

Brandon Robert said.

I know that.”

Lindsay Lohan made a fake kiss to Brandon Robert.

Honey, do you have any Asian friend?”

Lindsay Lohan forced herself smiling.

Nope !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

Suddenly, Lindsay Lohan’s anger came out furiously.

Honey, have you seen any other women lately?”

Lindsay Lohan is trying to calm down.

Nope !!!”

Brandon Robert said.

Don’t fucking lie to me. You are a fucking devil.”

Lindsay Lohan finally became very furious.

I did not date anybody. What is wrong with you?”

Brandon Robert said.

Lindsay Lohan did not want to tell him that she secretly touched his phone, so she changed a topic.

If you really love me, why don’t you try to find some jobs?”

Lindsay Lohan camed herself down.

You know that I had some jobs.”

Brandon Robert said.

I mean… how many hours have you worked? Mostly, you are unemployed. Why don’t you find some jobs this time?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Don’t fucking bother me that way, Lindsay. You know that I work hard.”

Brandon Robert said.

I fucking feed you with my money and you always fucking ask money from me. I’m so fucking tired of this. You get a job or get out from my house.”

Lindsay Lohan shouted.

Fine. We are done.”

Brandon Robert left the house.

Soon, he moved to an woman’s house. Lindsay Lohan saw her through an window. She has blond hairs. Lindsay Lohan cried. She cried and cried. Brandon Robert is incredibly good-looking and Lindsay Lohan loved him so much. Lindsay Lohan felt very hurtful so she met a doctor.

Do you have any anxieties?”

The Doctor Jodi Hotton said.


Lindsay Lohan said.

Do you want to hurt yourself?”

The Doctor Jodi Hotton said.


Lindsay Lohan said.

So, Jodi Hotton perscribed some medications to Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan felt very desperate because she missed Brandon Robert so much. She was at a bookstore one day. She found some fictions implying love negatively. There are “Micah Brown’s Love is Vanity,” “Andy Theise’s 24 Hours Stress,” and “Andy Moore’s Sad Love Story.” Lindsay Lohan purchased them and read them all. And one day… she decided to kill herself. She found an website, “Alex Kim’s Suicide Aid.” She emailed Alex Kim about how she feels and how she can die. And Alex Kim emailed her back: “The Suiciding Pills are 400 CAD.” Lindsay Lohan purchased the suciding pills from Alex Kim and they arrived in. Lindsay Lohan tried to swallow but she was very scared, so she could not do it. Lindsay Lohan emailed Alex Kim again saying that she is too scared to kill herself. Then, Alex Kim emailed back: “You can hire me and I can kill you for you but it will cost more money. I will charge you 17,000 CAD.” Lindsay Lohan emailed Alex Kim again and Alex Kim asked her when is the best time to die. Then, Lindsay Lohan answered: “Kill me after three days.” So, Lindsay Lohan gave Alex Kim the information about her everything: the address, the phone number, the pictures, etc. Lindsay Lohan decided to do something before she dies. She went to Sydney alone. She drived to Tofino. She drived anywhere near Victoria. She was driving, driving, and driving. She found out a lot of places in the island was beautiful. Then, she remembered a lot of things she never paid attentions. She recalled her mother, her kindergarten teachers, and some old people who treated her like their own kids. She could not remember the face of Brandon Robert anymore. Lindsay Lohan lighted up a cigarette.

God, if you are real, please… please save me right now… At least tell me that you love me…”

Lindsay Lohan prayed while smoking.

Suddenly, one young good-looking guy showed up.

Excuse me, Miss. I’m wondering that it will be OK if I take you for something to eat?”

A Police Officer Cam Wint talked to Lindsay Lohan.

For what?”

Lindsay Lohan said.

It is my pleasure.”

The Police Officer Cam Wint said.

So, Lindsay Lohan gave Cam Wint her phone number and came back home.

I don’t need to die now. God loves me. He answered my prayer. How can I contact Alex Kim? It is too late.”

Lindsay Lohan realized that Alex Kim is supposed to kill her tonight. It is 10pm. As he said, he made it. He was breaking the door.

I have to get out.”

Lindsay Lohan is watching the door and does not know what to do.

Lindsay Lohan realized that Alex Kim is almost about to break the door, so she jumped through the window. She ran and ran. Alex Kim has a Japanese blade. He is chasing Lindsay Lohan with the blade.

You don’t have to give my money back. I changed mind.”

Lindsay Lohan is running and said to Alex Kim.

However, Alex Kim did not say any words; he is chasing Lindsay Lohan with the Japanese blade.

I’m telling you. Take the money and go.”

Lindsay Lohan said and is running.

Then, Alex Kim smiled.

A Fresh Meat !!!”

For ten minutes…

Lindsay Lohan is running away and Alex Kim is running after her. Lindsay Lohan is about to pass out. She can’t breathe because she is so scared. She ran, ran, and ran. She entered a night club and Alex Kim could not chase her anymore. Lindsay Lohan phoned Brandon Robert for help.


Lindsay Lohan said.


Brandon Robert said.

Somebody is trying to kill me.”

Lindsay Lohan said.


Brandon Robert hung off.

Lindsay Lohan went to the bathroom and tried to phone the police. However, Alex Kim was at the bathroom with the Japanese sword. Lindsay Lohan ran away and came back to the lounge.

I can’t get out. He is going to kill me.”

Lindsay Lohan was thinking.

Lindsay Lohan stayed at the lounge until 7am. Then, she walked back to home when the sun began to shine. She watched carefully whether Alex Kim was following or not. Lindsay Lohan entered the house and Alex Kim was waiting for her with his sharp Japanese blade.

Alex, I changed mind. You can keep the money but please don’t kill me.”

Lindsay Lohan begged.

Alex Kim smiled and stood up. So, Lindsay Lohan ran away. Alex Kim is following her and Lindsay Lohan is running as fast as she can.

For ten minutes, they have been running. Lindsay Lohan is tired but she keeps running to live. Lindsay Lohan entered into a small coffee shop. It is morning, so a lot of people are there. Lindsay Lohan looked outside through an window and Alex Kim was waiting for her.

I’ve got to phone the police now.”

Lindsay Lohan decided to phone the police.

Hello, this is Lindsay Lohan and someone is trying to kill me.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Where are you now?”

An officer spoke.

I can’t tell. Please send somebody here. You can find my location.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

After half an hour, a police car arrived in. However, Alex Kim already left. Lindsay Lohan described about Alex Kim and the police left.

They are not helpful at all.”

Lindsay Lohan said to herself.

I can’t go home. I have to think. Where can I go?”

Lindsay Lohan is in panic attack.

She was thinking of getting her car and moving to a safer place, but she realized that Alex Kim would be around her house. Lindsay Lohan began to move slowly and stopped every any store nearby to hide.

He is not going to stop until I die…”

Lindsay Lohan did not have any idea what to do.

Suddenly, Cam Wint phoned Lindsay Lohan.


Lindsay Lohan spoke.

Lindsay, I’m just wondering that I can buy you a lunch or a dinner today.”

Cam Wint spoke.

Yes, it will be ok. I just need your help. Someone is running after me.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

Who is that?”

Cam Wint said.

He is Alex Kim. He is a Chinese guy. He is a professional killer. I can’t get out.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

I will be there now.”

Cam Wint said.

Then, Alex Kim left.

5 minutes later…

Lindsay, are you all right?”

Cam Wint said.

I don’t know where he lives. He is running after me for 24 hours. I have no where to stay.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

They were talking in her house.

Well… you can stay in my place. Don’t be worried. My place is very safe.”

Cam Wint said.

Thanks. You are so kind.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

It is never going to be over. He doesn’t stop.”

Lindsay Lohan said.

There might be a way.”

Cam Wint said.

Cam Wint drove Lindsay Lohan to his apartment.

This apartment is very secure. You will be ok. This is a bell. If you see him, just touch the button. OK?”

Cam Wint went back to the police station.

Lindsay Lohan watched TV and had some coffee. The apartment is very high and Cam Wint’s place is on the fourth floor. Alex Kim is climbing the apartment and he reached to the fourth floor. Lindsay Lohan saw him through the window and Alex Kim was about to break the windown. Lindsay Lohan pushed the bell and gripped a knife. Alex Kim is following her. Lindsay Lohan opened the door and got out. She walked down the stairs so fast. Alex Kim is following her. Lindsay Lohan opened the main gate and ran out. Soon, Cam Wint arrived in.

Put down the weapon and kiss the ground.”

Cam Wint focused the gun on Alex Kim.

Alex Kim smiled and put down his Japanese blade. Then, he put his knees on the ground. Then, Cam Wint arrested Alex Kim and took him to the police station.

After a week…

Lindsay Lohan and Cam Wint began to have a good relationship. The good news is that Lindsay Lohan recevied back her money from Alex Kim. Alex Kim is in jail now. Lindsay Lohan no more remembers about Brandon Robert.


Babe, can you buy me a motorbike?”

Brandon Robert said.

– The End –


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