Mighty Lawrence

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day – and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” [2 Timonty 4:7 – 8]

Lawrence… I can’t stop laughing. Such a puppy dares to me? You are not even worthy to fight me.”

You are not a hero. You are just a gangster !!!”

King David and the Greatest Persian Warrior Andrew Lawrence are facing each other.

Andrew Lawrence was born in Persia. His father Joba was King’s Guardian but killed by King David. Joba was a great warrior and a great mentor in Persia. When Joba was dead, Andrew Lawrence was just four years old. Andrew Lawrence learned cooking and he became a child cook.

Hey kid, bring me more peppers.”

A line cook Toto said to Andrew Lawrence.

Yes, Sir.”

Andrew Lawrence brought more peppers.

Kid, we need cut more tomatoes.”

A female line cook Jen said to Andrew Lawrence.

Yes, Ma’am.”

Andrw Lawrence began to slice more tomatoes.

At that time when Andrew Lawrence started cooking, he was four years old. However, he was not used as a real cook until Andrew Lawrence became fourteen years old. When Andrew Lawrence became fourteen years old, he became a line cook. He had a lot of child slaves and child cooks.

We are preparing the feast for King. Be fast, boys.”

Andrew Lawrence said to his fellowers.

Yes, Sir !!!”

Child slaves and child cooks said and quickly initiated their jobs.

About 10,000 royal people are supposed to attend the Great Feast and Andrew Lawrence and his crews were very fast. Andrew Lawrence and the chef Josh Tamblyn organized a lot of plans and arrangements. However, the whole servants and cooks are just 300. Even so, Andrew Lawrence and Josh Tamblyn made the very successful feast. The Persian King was pleased and promoted Andrew Lawrence as a Chef. Then, Persian King Mars promoted Josh Tamblyn as the supervisor of the whole Chefs. Andrew Lawrence, a four-teen-year-old boy, named his group as Sunshine because he really likes Sun. He always gets up around 4am and pray to God. Then, he waits until the sun rises. Andrew Lawrence does not recall about his father much but he is always cheerful and happy. Andrew Lawrence does not know about exercises but he always runs. He really likes walking and running. He always spends about 2 hours for running. There are a lot of child slaves and child cooks who are older than Andrew Lawrence. Some of them are fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen.

Chef Lawrence, what is your order?”

A twenty-year-old boy asked to Andrew Lawrence.

You take a rest today. I summoned another cook for you.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Although Andrew Lawrence is just fourteen years old, he is a very mature child. Regularly Andrew Lawrence practices martial arts with Jodi Hotton. Jodi Hotton is a thirty-year-old and 170cm-tall female warrior. Though she is an woman, she has the greatest martial arts and the fastest warrior. Jodi Hotton was a great fellower of Joba, Andrew Lawrence’s father. Andrew Lawrence’s mother Tara was a great dancer for Persian King Mars but she died when Andrew Lawrence became two years old. Tara became weaker and weaker after she bore Andrew Lawrence. Eventually, she died.

At Jerusalem…

Today, let’s drink and dance until we pass out.”

King David shouted.

Super Sexy David! Super Sexy David! He is so sexy and sexy… Sexy Sexy Sexy…”

The whole Israel servants sang and danced.

Hey, bring me the sexiest women to me. I’m King David. I’m God’s Chosen One.”

King David got drunken and shouted again.

You My Lord is the Sexiest. Super Sexy Lord… The Mighty Generous King !!!”

The sexiest women in Israel danced and sang for King David.

Joab, do 100 times push-ups.”

King David said to Joab.

Yes, sir, my Lord.”

Joab did 100 times push-ups.

Bring me more beer and wine. Let’s enjoy. I’m the Greatest King David. Every nation will bow down to me.”

King David played harp and danced.

One day… Greece invaded into Persia.

10,000 Greek warrios? What do we do? I don’t want to die.”

Persian King Mars cried.

Tell me something. Can we win? I want to live live live…”

Persian King Mars jumped, jumped, and jumped.

My Lord, we will crush him.”

One of the greatest warrior Cam Wint spoke.

Really? You can crush him?”

Persian King Mars looked at Cam Wint with big eyes.

Yes, My Lord. My best 5,000 guys can crush them.”

Cam Wint said.

Cam, they are 10,000. How can your 5,000 guys can crush him? What do we do? I don’t want to die.”

Persian King Mars jumped, jumped, and jumped.

Believe me, My Lord. I can do that.”

One of the greatest warrior Cam Wint spoke.

Cam Wint and his 5,000 best guys marched toward the Greek Army. The Greek Army has about 1,000 archers.

General Wint, how can we fight against 1,000 archers?”

A captain Fraser said to Cam Wint.

We are going to scatter as much as we can. This is the first plan. Individually, we are stronger than them. We can win this game in that way.”

Cam Wint spoke.

Persia, Attacks.”

Cam Wint shouted and his whole soldiers charged forward.

The 1,000 Greek archers shot and shot; however, Persian soldiers scattered very widely. Then, by one by one, Persian soldiers killed the Greek soldiers. Cam Wint was right. Cam Wint’s Army is very strong and well-trained.


The Greek Warrior Adam shouted.

When Cam Wint returned after his great defeat, Persian King Mars kissed Cam Wint and hugged him.

You saved us, Cam. Thank you so much.”

Persian King said.

Persian King Mars gave Cam Wint some properties.

Thank you for the farming land, My Lord. I will farm some foods and offer to you.”

One of the Greatest Warrior Cam Wint said to the King.

While Andrew Lawrence was watching Cam Wint, he felt a great honor toward Cam Wint.

He is so cool.”

A fourteen-year-old boy Andrew Lawrence said to himself.

Although Andrew Lawrence is a smart and fast Chef, a lot of other chefs gossiped Andrew Lawrence very badly. They don’t not like him much because Andrew Lawrence is just a boy.

You call yourself chef?”

A fourty-year-old chef approached to Andrew Lawrence.


Andrew Lawrence could not say any words.

Josh Tamblyn gave a lot of tips to Andrew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence’s cooking skills improved better and better. He obtained great knowledge of seasoning from Josh Tamblyn.

Creativity begins with the knowledge of each taste.”

Josh Tamblyn said.

Eventually, Andrew Lawrence excelled other chefs and Persian King asked one day who made the meal. Then, that person answered that it was Andrew Lawrence. After that, Persian King Mars invited Andrew Lawrence into the Palace.

My Lord, I’m your cook Andrew Lawrence.”

This is the first time of Andrew Lawerence to see the King.

Andrew, come over here.”

Persian King Mars said.

They had some conversations,

Andrew, you can come to this place anytime you want. Feel free to come here. I’m blessed to have a chef like you.”

When Persian King Mars humbled down himself and called Andrew Lawrence as a chef, Andrew Lawrence felt very excited and appricated him.

At Jerusalem…

Hey Joab, tell me my schedule tomorrow.”

King David said to Joab.

You have an agreement meeting with Babylon tomorrow afternoon. My Lord, it will be a very important event.”

Joab said.

Of course, it will be. I’m going to suck up them too. We need to make some plans, my loyal fellower.”

King David said.

Do you have a specific idea, my Lord?”

Joab said.

I’m going to ask them to give a daughter to me. Then what? Game over.”

King David said.

Lord, you always have a great plan.”

Joab said.

Yes, I’m King David. You know that. Then… one day… we crush them. Ha Ha Ha Ha… I’m the Greatest and Greatest. Then, what do you say, Joab?”

King David said.

Super Sexy King David !!!”

Joab said.

Ha Ha Ha Ha… I like you, Joab.”

King David laughted loudly.

So do I, my King.”

Joab said.

One day… Andrew Lawrence saw Cam Wint entering the Palace. Andrew Lawrence followed him quietly and watched him. Castle servants greeted him and had him sit at the table. A lot of servants brought the best foods to Cam Wint. Andrew Lawrence slowly walked toward Cam Wint.

Why are you following me?”

Cam Wint realized that Andrew Lawrence was following him and Andrew Lawrence got very surprised with his basic combat senses.

So Sorry… General Cam Wint…”

Andrew Lawrence said.

You are the best cook, Andrew. What are up to here?”

Cam Wint said.

Well… I just… sorry…”

Andrew Lawrence said.

You resemble your father, Andrew. Your father was the greatest warrior.”

Cam Wint said.

I heard that from Jodi Hotton too.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Yes, this time is King David’s time. Nobody ever could stop him.”

Cam Wint said.

I forgave him because everybody says that he is the greatest King and chosen by God.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, your father fought and died to correct him.”

Cam Wint said.

But… King David is a hero and Chosen by God…”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, your father loved your mother. But he loved another lady beforehand. Her name is Bathsheba. Your father loved her and she choosed a different guy and his name is Uriah, the great warrior with integrity and wisdom.”

Cam Wint said.

Then what happened?”

Andrew Lawrence said.

King David killed Uriah and took his wife Bathsheba. Your father discovered that and declared the war against King David. Your father honored Uriah and did not try to commit adultery with her. So, he fought and died.”

Cam Wint said.

I’m going to train and crush that bastard.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, your father was the Greatest Warrior in Persia. Even so, he could not match King David. So am I. I am not his match.”

Cam Wint said.

I’m going to crush him and make him say sorry.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, I know that you have the same blood like your father. However, what can we do? He is chosen by God.”

Cam Wint said.

I love my King Mars. For that reason, I’m not going to risk myself either. King Mars is my king forever and I stand here for his safety.”

Cam Wint said.

I know that King David is a great king and the Chosen One. However, he has to repent what he has done. Please, train me, Wint. I want to be a warrior like you and my father.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, we do not let our King Mars risk himself because of the personal affairs.”

Cam Wint said.

Wint, somebody has to do this. Although he is the most loved king by God, he has to accept what he has done wrongly. Please, train me.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

We are not going to fight King David, Andrew. I have to protect my King Mars. We Persia do not suppress other nations. We are the most peaceful nation of this era. Andrew, I can’t train you.”

Cam Wint said.

Fine. I’m going to find out by myself. Yes, I love King Mars too. I can win. What if we win, Cam? We don’t have to try to be nice to King David anymore. Right?”

Andrew Lawrence stood up.

Suddenly, Cam Wint grasped his arm.

OK. I will train you. I will teach you what your father has shown to me. Come out.”

Cam Wint said.

First, we will train basic physicality. Then, I will show you battle skills.”

Cam Wint said.

Pull this wooden pole with the chain. Try to break this.”

Cam Wint said.

Andrew Lawrence pulled the wooden pole but he could not break it.

Practice until you break it. After you break this, come and talk to me.”

Cam Wint said and left.

Andrew Lawrence tried this movement hard and got tired. He ran two hours and went to bed. At 4am, Andrew Lawrence woke up and waited for the sun. After the sun rose, Andrew Lawrence went the cooking room. He cooked meals for officials and coucils. Since he has the greatest cooking skills in Persia, nobody gossips him anymore. Andrew Lawrence supervised the junior cooks and slaves. Then, he exercised again with the chain and the wooden pole. After a week, he broke the wooden pole and found Cam Wint. Much later, Cam Wint told him to break a metal pillar. After a week, Andrew Lawrence broke the metal pillar with the chain.

You broke the metal pillar with a chain?”

Cam Wint was very astonished.

You are even better than me…”

Cam Wint said.

What do we do now?”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Now, you are going to blow up the candle light with a punch.”

Cam Wint said.

Everyday, Andrew Lawrence practiced that movement and one day he blew up the candle light with his punch. Much later, Andrew Lawrence could blow up a coin with his punch.

Your physicality is even better than me and your father. Now, I will show you the combat moves.”

Cam Wint said.

They practiced fighting skills about two hours and later Andrew Lawrence could practice by himself. Early morning he cooks and supervises. Noon, he exercised and practiced. He also learned throwing a knife. Due to the fact that he is a very busy child cook, he is able to obtain the greatest physicality fast. His basic strength and hand speed was already developed in his young age. Soon, he became fifteen, then sixteen, and seventeen. One day he became eighteen. By that age, Andrew Lawrence ended up being the new supervisor of the chefs. Josh Tamblyn retired. He retired and has been busy writing his cooking book. By that age, Andrew Lawrence joined the Army of Cam Wint.

I think the time has come.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, I will tell you one thing. If we loose, our nation dies. And our King Mars ends.”

Cam Wint said.

I know, Wint. I have to make him realize what he has done is wrong.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

I believe that you can be his match.”

Cam Wint said.

Cam Wint and Andrew Lawrence marched toward Jerusalem. They brought 7,000 soldiers. They killed every armies each region. Soon, this is reported to King David.

Persia? Is Mars getting insane?”

King David said.

Actually, Cam Wint is coming.”

Joab said.

Cam Wint? He knows that he is not my level.”

King David said.

They say that there is some kind of a crazy warrior. His name was… something Lawrence…”

Joab said.

Lawrence? I don’t even know him. How can he dare to me?”

King David said.

This is a serious matter, King. Lawrence guy killed the whole armies we have extended…”

Joab said.

Joab, we will match and crush them. Good plans !!! We crush Persia before Babylon.”

King David armed himself and departed.

Cam Wint and Andrew Lawrence…

Andrew, where did you learn tactic?”

Cam Wint said.

I learned that from cooking. The complete knowledge of tastes forms creativity.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Soon, King David appeared with 45,000 soldiers.

A long time no see, Wint.”

King David said.

Yes, King David.”

Cam Wint said.

Who is the Lawrence guy?”

King David said.

I am.”

The Eighteen Years Olds Andrew Lawrence said.

So… you think I can fight some kind of puppy like you?”

King David said.

I came here to make you apologize for what you have done.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Are you trying to correct me? You are just a kid.”

King David said.

Remember what you have done to my father Joba?”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Your father invaded us and we defeated him. It was your father’s fault. You know that, Lawrence.”

King David said.

I know another story. You would probably say that you wouldn’t know Uriah.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Uriah? What are you trying to do? I think you are out of mind. Hey Nanos Cake, kill him into pieces.”

King David called Nanos cake a notorious axe murder.

Nanos Cake and Andrew Lawrence carefully faced each other. Then, Nanos Cake swung his axe powerfully. However, Andrew Lawrence pierced the nose of Nanos Cake with his sword. It happed so quickly.


King David began to feel frustrated.

You are still not my match. Run back.”

King David said.

You killed Uriah. You know that.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

It was an accident, Lawrence.”

King David said.

It is not an accident. You know that my father came here with that matter.”

Andrew Lawrence shouted.

You are not still my match. Turn back. Otherwise, I will kill you with my ten greatest warriors.”

King David said.

You took Batsheba from Uriah the Hittite. You arranged the army and killed him.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

I’m not obligated to say such a thing with you, Lawrence. It is too late. You will die by my ten greatest warriors.”

King David ordered the ten greatest warriors to kill Andrew Lawrence.

I will take gold teeth… I will keep the gold teeth and chew up everything else !!!”

Andrew Lawrence stared King David.

The ten greatest warrios approached to Andrew Lawrence gently. One warrior with a spear tried to pierce Andrw Lawrence, but Andrew Lawrence moved backwards and gripped the spear with his left hand. Then, he pulled the spear and pierced the neck of the warrior. Then, the second warrior approached with a long sword. Andrew Lawrence kicked the hand of the second warrior and he dropped the sword. Then, Andrw Lawrence pulled out the arm of the second warrior. The second warrior screamed and Andrew Lawrence cut off the neck of the second warrior. The third warrior approached with a gigantic axe. Although he is big, he is very fast. The third warriors swung the axe very fast and powerfully. Andrew Lawrence moved backward and dashed forward so fast and pierced the chest of the thrid warrior. The fourth warrior approached to Andrwe Lawrence with two swords. He is very fast and aggressive. Andrew Lawrence cut off the wrists of the fourth warrior. He screamed and bleeded a lot. Then, Andrew Lawrence pierced the chest of the fourth warrior. After that, the six remaining warriors began to feel great fears. They moved backward.

What are you doing? I trained all of you. He is not your match.”

King David shouted.

The fifth warrior felt encouraged from King David and approached to Andrw Lawrence. The fifth warrior is armed with a very large and long sword.

I will kill you.”

The fifth warrior kept swing the weapon and dashed into Andrew Lawrence. The shield of Andrew Lawrence got broken from the spin attacks of the fifth warrior. Then, the fifth warrior kept swing and attacking Andrew Lawrence. The fifth warrior broke Andrew Lawrence’s sword. Andrw Lawrence punched the chin of the fifth warrior and the fifth warrior became unconscious. The sixth warrior moved bacwards a little bit and carefully watched Andrew Lawrence. Andrew Lawrence has empty hands. The sixth warrior is equipped with a shield and a long double-edged sword.

It’s done.”

King David said.

The sixth warrior knew he would win because Andrew Lawrence is unarmed.

You are dead now.”

The sixth warrior charged into Andrew Lawrence.

Andrew Lawrence gripped his two fists very tightly. It began to rain. A shower was coming down from the sky. The sixth warrior and Andrw Lawrence stared each other carefully. Then, sixth warrior charged into Andrew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence punched the shield of the sixth warrior. The sixth warrior moved back. Andrew Lawrence charged and punched the shield of the sixth warrior over and over. Then, Andrew Lawrence took away the shied of the sixth warrior. Then, Andrew Lawrence hit the head of the sixth warrior with the shied. The sixth warrior bleeded and died. Then, the four remaining warriors began to feel scared and frustrated. The seventh warrior is equipped with two war hammers. He was very scared but charged into Andrew Lawrence.

I’m going to fucking kill you. Take this !!!”

The seventh warrior swung and swung his war hammers very powerfully and fast.

Andrew Lawrence blocked the attacks of the seventh warrior and soon the shield got broken. Then, Andrew Lawrence gripped his fists tightly and stared the seventh warrior.

That’s enough. Halt.”

King David said.

He is empty-handed. This is not a fair fight. Besides, I do not want to loose my friends anymore.”

King David said.

Then, the four remaining greatest warrior moved back to the army of King David.

Lawrence, you won. From now on, I appoint Lawrence as the Greatest Warrior. Lawrence, what do you want me to do?”

King David said.

I want you to pray to God about your sin in front of me.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Then, King David sighed. He got off from the horse and kneed down on the ground. Then, he began to pray.

My God, I committed sins. I killed a lot of innocent people and took off their properties. God, I’m praying about Uriah the Hittie. I killed him. I made him drunken and let him die. I ordered to put him out in front where the fighting is fiercest and to withdraw my guys from him so he will be struck down and die. I committed adultery. I took the wife of the noble man. I’m so sorry for killing Joba, the honorable Persian warrior. My God, if Lawrence can not forgive me, I will accept the punishment. But… My God, my people… they just followed my orders. If you can spare my people… If you can please save my people…”

King David began to cry a little bit when he started praying about his people.

You can take them to your side.”

King David finished praying.

Andrew Lawrence walked toward King David and held the hand of King David. Then, King David stood up.

You are truly God’s Chosen One, King David.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

What are you going to do now, Lawrence?”

King David said.

I’m going home and will be a cook again.”

Andrew Lawrence smiled.

Then, the Army of Cam Wint walked back to Persia.

My King, aren’t we going to crush them?”

The Commending Officer Joab said to King David.

Joab, Persia never invades other nations.”

King David said.

What a warrior… with empty hands he fights fully armed fighters?”

Joab said.

I’m sorry, my King.”

Joab apologized to King David.

Joab, you are right. What a tempting warrior… I wish he had belonged to our side. Who trained him? And how could he fought my top ten greatest warriors? How could he insist fighting my greatest warriors with empty hands?”

King David kept saying to himself.

Andrew Lawrence came back to Persia.

Andrew, I heard that you defeated King David.”

Persian King Mars kissed Andrew Lawrence and hugged.

My King, I did not defeat him. I just went there to talk to him.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew, I missed your foods.”

Persian King Mars said.

My King, I will be a cook again and bring the most delicious foods in the planet everyday to you.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew Lawrence put off his armors and prayed to God.

God, I forgive King David’s past sins. King David is a lion. And I’m an elephant. I’m not a warrior and this is not my path. Father God, thank you for putting me in Persia. I will always bring good foods to my King Mars and to you.”

Andrew Lawrence finished praying.

He burned some offerings to God. He smoked one chicken with very expensive seasonings. Then, he burned the cooked chicken on the stone table.

Master, why do you offer God cooked foods?”

One male child slave asked to Andrew Lawrence.

Well… I’m just trying to offer God the best foods.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

Andrew Lawrence was about to enter the cooking room and he found one Asian guy standing in front of the enterance of the cooking room.

What’s wrong with you?”

Andrew Lawrence said to the Asian guy.

The Asian guy is about 165cm-tall and thirty-year-old.

You are Andrew Lawerence, right?”

The Asian guy said.

Yes. What are you doing here?”

Andrew Lawrence said.

My name is Alex Kim. I heard that you are the best cook in Persia. Let me be your disciple.”

Alex Kim said to Andrew Lawrence.

OK. Come on in.”

Andrew Lawrence said.

– The End –


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