Salvation House Sermons 2017

Salvation House Sermons 2017

April 2

; by Pastor Daniel Kerser

We see things differenlty.

We hear things differently.

Be aware of everything surrounds us. There is a gradual change. We are operated in something.

Today’s title is operation in the heart.

Luke 6:45

If fear stops what is right, pray about it.

Proverbs 18:4

God Father, Jesus Word, and Holy Spirit Wisdom

[Pastor Daniel Kerser’s Testimony]

He used to be a worker in the gas station. Sometimes, he took some money from the cashier. Later, he got another job. Then, his former boss became a regular customer at the place Daniel Kerser works. Holy Spirit kept making Daniel Kerser traebling. In the end, Daniel Kerser confessed what he did to the former boss. The former boss forgave him. This testimony is an incredibly great story. The courage to be honest and righteous… 🙂

March 26

; a pastor

We don’t want anything. God gives us everything.

We sometimes forget our sonships with God.

Jesus didn’t die for us. He died as us.

Jesus said it is finished. He did not mean that he came to abolish rules. It is our job to finish with our faith.

Asking a question does not hurt you; ask questions to God.

Anything we need is given to God.

March 12

; by Pastor Daniel Kerser

The question: “What makes you get excited? What are you willing to do for that?”

(Presentation did not work properly.)

The Testimony of Daniel Kerser; he healed a disabled Chinese guy on the street

You should step out and pray for others.

Trust and Faith lead Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit let us use his power when we are fuelled with love.

Holy Spirit is the ultimate source.

We have earthly gifts and spiritual gifts.

Jesus did not live watching the skies. He lived and died focusiong on his father’s work.


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