Cowboy Andy

Cowboy Andy

Virginia somewhere…

A gangster boss Axe is in a town. He is with twenty members with guns and shotguns. Axe is smoking a cigarette. Soon, one of the fellower brough the diamond bag to Axe. Suddenly, one bar blew out with a bomb. Then, Axe’s members scattered out to find out what happened. Quietly Andria Isac appeared and cut the left ear of Axe. Axe is staring the eyes of Andria Isac. Then, Andria Isac cut the left wrist of Axe. Axe is bleeding badly. Andria Isac stared the eyes of Axe for a while and cut the tongue of Axe. Axe fell down. Then, Andria Isac stabbed the neck of Axe. Andria Isac lighted up her cigarette and took the diamond bag. The thing happened so fast, so Axe’s fellowers could not find Andria Isac, who is wearing a flower hat and a silver robe.


In Madd Town…

Go fast you stupid donkey!”

Andy Theise is riding an white horse with smoking a cigar. Andy Theise is a 2m-tall American. He arrived in a bar called Death Club. A lot of notorious criminals stay in Moxy, the bar called Death Club. Andy Theise is a fist captain. He is an intermediate gun fighter but his base is fist fighting. Andy Theise is armed with two guns. He opened the door and there are about fifty gangsters at the bar. When he entered into Moxy, a lot of gangsters were staring Andy Theise. However, Andy Theise is not scared although he does not have any plan.

Give me a beer.”

Andy Theise said to the sexy female bartender.

What beer, sir?”

The sexy female bartender said.

I said beer.”

Andy Theise said loudly.

As you know, Andy Theise does not know what beer is. He is just trying to look impressive.”

Sir, what kind of beer are you asking?”

The sexy female bartender said.

Is there a different type of beer?”

Andy Theise said.

Suddenly the sexy female bartender put the gun to the head of Andy Theise and Andy Theise put his forefinger to the hole of the gun.

What are you trying to do?”

The sexy female batender is very surprised.

Just give me a beer.”

Andy Theise said.

Sir, we have American Glory, Univese Pradise, Micro Taste, Zamba Zamba Juicy, Party to the Moon, and others. What kindn do you want?”

The sexy female bartender said with a greatly embarrassed face.

Then, give me Zamba Zamba Juicy.”

The sexy female bartender put the gun to her poket and served Andy Theise Zamba Zamba Juicy.

Ha ha ha… What a fucking idiot.”

Anderson Pitch and his crew were laughing at Andy Thesie.

I don’t think we need to worry about him.”

One of Anderson Pitch smiled and lighted up a cigarette. When Andy Theise saw the fellower smoking a cigarette, he became suddenly angry because cigarettes are very expensive. Andy Theise can not afford a cigarette, so he smokes cigars.

Hey, give me a cigarette.”

Andy Theise said to the guy.

Do you have a death wish?”

The guy is about to grasp his gun. Suddenly, Andy Theise threw his beer glass to the guy and the guy became unconscious.

What a devil? That guy is crazy.”

Anderson Pitch began to tremble.

What are you looking at? Bring me new one.”

Andy Theise said loudly to the sexy female bartender.

Yes, sir.”

She hurried and brought new Zamba Zamba Juicy.

Nice taste… but I feel a little dizzy.”

Andy Theise is enjoying the beer.

After Andy Theise drank a couple of Zamba Zamba Juicy, he found an Asian guy hosting a gamble outside. His name is Alex Kim.

See clearly and choose the right one.”

Alex Kim was mixing the four cups and playing with four Mexican kids.

Find the coin. Ha ha mixing mixing mixing…”

Alex Kim was keep hosting the gamble and Andy Theise came closer to him because Andy Theise needs some money.

Damn… it is very hard.”

One Mexican kid said with disappointment. Suddenly, their mothers showed up and they went home.

Let me try, Little Guy.”

Andy Theise approached to Alex Kim.

Alex Kim is an Asian guy and he is about 165cm-tall.

Ok. See clearly and find the coin. Mixing mixing ha ha…”

Alex Kim was mixing the cups.

This one.”

Let’s see. Ha ha you are wrong.”

They played games about ten minutes and Andy Theise got all wrong. Then, he put the gun to Alex Kim’s face.

You are a fucking fraud. Give me my money.”

Andy Theise said loudly.

Don’t fucking shoot me. I’m scary Dragon Warrior.”

Alex Kim said to Andy Theise.

I want to see what happens if Dragon Warrior get a shot.”

Andy Theise said.

Ok… I’m a fraud. Please, don’t kill me.”

Alex Kim cried.

Then, Andy Theise put the gun to his poket and received all of his money back from Alex Kim.

My name is Andy. What is yours?”

Alex Kim.”

They shook hands and became friends.

They shared a room together at Tatak Hotel.

So, you take money from kids?”

Andy Theise said.

Well… it is very difficult to play with adults in this town as you know.”

Alex Kim said.

How come such an Asian guy like you are in Mexico?”

Andy Theise said.

Well… a long story.”

Alex Kim said.

I’m a half Korean and half Chinese. My mother is Korean and my father is Chinese.”

Alex Kim said.

Hey Little Buddy, I really want to know why you are in Mexico?”

Andy Theise keeps insisting to know about Alex Kim’s life.

I was in China and I moved here.”

Alex Kim said.

Why Mexico?”

Andy Theise said.

I got stuffed here, OK? Don’t ask me more. I myself want to know why I’m here too.”

Alex Kim lighted up a cigarette.

Can I have one too?”

Andy Theise said.

Then, Alex Kim handed a cigarette to Andy Theise.

By the way, are there such a thing… I mean Dragon Warrior?”

Andy Theise said.

Yes, why?”

Alex Kim said.

I don’t know. I’m just curious. I want to meet Dragon Warrior.”

For what?”

I just want to see the one in person.”

They were smoking for a while and stopped talking.

So, what is Dragon Warrior?”

Andy Theise said.

Do you know Jesus?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, The one sacrificed himself with his own blood to save us from our sins.”

Andy Theise said.

Jesus is the first Dragon Warrior. Holy Spirit is the teacher of Dragon Warrior. Then, another one is chosen to be Dragon Warrior.”

Where is he?”

I was trying to talk to him but he did not listen.”

What the hack is Dragon Warrior?”

Alex Kim smoked his cigarette very deeply and closed his eyes.

To rise the thrid generation, he came. That’s all I know.”

Alex Kim said.

You bring me to Dragon Warrior. Then, I will protect you.”

Andy Theise said.

OK. That sounds fair.”

Deal !!!”

Next morning, they departed Madd Town.

Joker and his members are located on Troy Town. In the middle of the town, they initiated plundering the town. They shot the guns overhead and had people to sit on the ground. At that time, Andy Theise and Alex Kim were about to arrive in the town. They stopped the horse and hid somewhere in the town.

Hey Alex, how many are there?”

Andy Theise said quietly.

I don’t know. I think they are about ten.”

Alex Kim said.

You attract them. I will take care of them.”

Andy Theise said.

Wait a minute. Fuck !!! He is Joker, the notorious killer.”

Alex Kim said.

What about him?”

Andy Theise said.

He is fucking an eye plucker. He is very dangerous, Andy. Let’s wait until they are gone.”

Alex Kim said.

Just decoy them. OK?”

Alex Kim suddenly appeard.

Hello, I’m Pastor Lee.”

Alex Kim showed up.

What the fucking are you?

Joker said.

Alex Kim was very scared and about to pee on his pants.

Today we will discuss LOVE.”

Alex Kim smiled although he actually wanted to cry.

Come over here.”

Joker said.


Andy Theise killed three guys with his punches. Alex Kim began to come close to Joker.

Boss, our boys are under attacks.”

One guy told Joker.

Kill the fucking BASTARD !!!”

Joker spoke with fury.

Andy Theise moved fast and shot each gangsters one by one.

Where is he?”

Joker said.

He is so fast. I can’t see where he stays.”

His fellower said.


The fellower got shot.

Kiss the ground.”

Andy Theise put his gun to Joker.

Ok… I can share the money with you.”

Joker said.

No, I want you to give the money back to these people.”

Andy Theise said.

Andy Theise took the gun from Joker and gave it to Alex Kim. Then, Andy Theise let him go. However, Joker suddenly tried to kill Andy Theise with his knife and Andy Theise punched Joker and he got dead. Then, people praised Andy Theise.

Thank you so much, Stranger !!!”

People gave Andy Theise and Alex Kim free foods, drinks, cigarettes, and places to stay.


Somewhere in Texas…

Bob Dale is a corrupted sheriff in the town. He feeds gansters and gansters feed him. Bob Dale is smoking a very expensive cigarette watching the beautiful weather. Andria Isac is coming closer to Bob Dale.

What are you?”

Bob Dale got scared of Andria Isac. Suddenly, Andria Isac holed eyes of Bob Dale with her very sharp gloves.

FUCK !!!”

Bob Dale screamed.

Then, Andria Isac penetrated the two ears of Bab Dale with a blade. Bob Dale died miserably. Later, the death of Bob Dale is reported to Cam Wint, the chief sheriff.

This must be done by Andria Isac.”

Cam Wint spoke.

Chief, what do we do? What the hell she wants?”

One fellower spoke.

She kills whatever she wants and has never spare anyone yet. Anybody who becomes her target dies.”

Cam Wint spoke.

However, boys, we are not powerful enough to kill her. Let’s wait until she leaves this town.”

Cam Wint finished speaking.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim at a bar in Troy Town…

Hey buddy, that girl is very hot.”

Andy Theise said.

The blond one?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, she is very cute.”

Andy Theise said.

The tall blond girl waved her hand to Andy Theise.

I like her.”

Andy Theise said.

Buddy, we leave here anyway tomorrow. Let’s not cause complicated situations.”

Alex Kim said smoking his cigarette.

By the way, Andy, why do you insist to find Dragon Warrior?”

Alex Kim said.

Man, I always dreamed to be Dragon Warrior. You know… a super sexy warrior attracting every girl and defeating every evils…”

Andy Theise said.

My father was an activist in China. My mother sent me to Mexico. That’s all I know.”

Alex Kim said.

Fuck… that is amazing… why didn’t you tell me?”

Andy Theise said.

I didn’t have a chance to do so. By the way, your punch is amazing. I think your punch is stronger than even your bullets.”

Alex Kim said.

My shooting is getting better too.”

Andy Theise said.

There is one person who got me but spared me. He taught me some basic shooting skills and left.”

Andy Theise said.

You mean… you could die?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, I could. I killed all of his fellowers but he did not kill me.”

Andy Theise said.

That’s why you adore Dragon Warrior although you don’t even know what that means.”

Alex Kim said.


Andy Theise said.

In the evening, Andy Theise and Alex Kim played pool. Then, they watched people dancing at the city hall.

Watching these people makes me very happy.”

Andy Theise said.

Surely !!!”

Alex Kim said.

Suddenly, one guy with very long and dense beards slapped the face of an woman. He pushed the woman and she fell down. Then, the guy kicked the woman a few times.

Andy, don’t.”

Alex Kim held the hand of Andy Theise.

I don’t let guys hurt women.”

Andy Theise said.

He is Lord Danny. He is an elite gunfighter.”

Alex Kim said.

Suddenly, Andy Theise appeared and shot Lord Danny but he evaded the gun. Andy Theise and Lord Danny shot each other but they all avoided. Lord Danny has fifty gangsters and they tried to get Andy Theise but Andy Theise moved quickly and hid.

Hey Big Hamster, if you don’t come up right now here, we will burn the town.”

Lord Danny said.

Lord Danny’s fellowers have shotguns, rockets, and flame throwers. Andy Theise had no choice. He came out and dropped the guns.

I have power to save you or kill you now. You make a choice. Do you want to join my gang or to die right now?”

Andy Theise said.

What about you and me fight one by one?”

Andy Theise said.

Ha Ha Ha Ha… you don’t know me, do you? I am Lord Danny. I like the idea, kid.”

Lord Danny spoke.

No, I mean we fight with fists.”

Andy Theise said.

Fist fight? That is for girls, kid.”

Lord Danny said.

OK. Let’s meet here tomorrow 9 a.m.”

Andy Theise said.

Why? You want to run away?”

Lord Danny said.

No, I need a practice. Don’t worry. I will show up.”

Then, if you don’t show up, I’m going to burn the town.”

Later, Andy Theise and Alex Kim came to the room.

Are you out of mind? You fight Lord Danny?”

Alex Kim said.

Have you done a deul, Alex?”

Andy Theise said.

Of course, not. Let’s run away.”

Alex Kim said.

No, I will not let him burn the town.”

Andy Theise said.

Who cares? We have to go now.”

Alex Kim said.

If I die, Alex, run away as fast you can.”

Andy Theise said.

I will damn be able to run, Andy.”

Alex Kim said.

Let’s practice.”

Andy Theise practiced with Alex Kim over and over.

Be faster than my finger.”

Alex Kim kept drawing out his finger from his pocket over and over to help Andy Theise practice.

Dear Father in Heaven, forgive our sins. Lead us into your way and be our God forever and ever. In your hand, we die and live. Father God, don’t forget that we are your children.”

Andy Theise and Alex Kim finished the prayer.

Next morning, Andy Theise and Alex Kim showed up at the city hall.

You are not that coward, kid.”

Lord Danny said.

I will shoot your dick, you fucking dick.”

Andy Theise said.

Let’s count.”

Lord Danny said.


Andy Theise said.


Lord Danny said.”

Andy Theise and Lord Danny are staring each other. Andy Theise’ heart pumps so fast. He can’t even breathe properly.



What the fuck happened?”

One of Lord Danny crews said.

Lord Danny and Andy Theise both of them are lying down on the ground.

Who won?”

One of the town people said.


Andy Theise woke up.

Impossible… this young guy just defeated Lord Danny?”

The town people said.

Sir, the boss is dead.”

One of Lord Danny’s gang members spoke.

People shouted and celebrated that Lord Danny is dead.

I can’t believe this. Are you really alive?”

Alex Kim said.

I think so. What the hack just happened?”

Andy Theise said.

You two shot together. I don’t know what happened. Didn’t you get a shot? It should be. Find out where you got a shot.”

Alex Kim said.

No, I don’t think I got a shot. Anyway, I’m not going to do this anymore. This is fucking scary.”

Andy Theise said.

Let’s move. My teacher’s temple is next.”

Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim departed Troy Town.

Why are you doing this?”

A corrupted doctor Ryan Todd spoke.

Andria Isac put the fishing hooks to the eyes of Dr. Todd and lifted him up. Ryan Todd screamed. Then, Andria Isac opened the stomach of Dr. Todd. Then, she cut the each organ. Dr. Todd screamed over and over. Then, Andria Isac left.

Soon, the chief sheriff got a report of Andria Isac’s murder case.

I want her to leave here as soon as possible.”

Cam Wint lighted up a cigar.

Dr. Todd is dead and we are dead too.”

One sheriff said.

She killed two major people in this town. I must decide. She will keep murdering our people.”

Cam Wint said.

When do you think she will leave?”

Cam Wint spoke.

Hopefully, somewhere from now on.”

Andy Theise and Alex Kim are riding an white horse.

How could you kill Lord Danny?”

Alex Kim said.

I was imagining throwing my gun to his face. I did not imagine to shoot.”

Andy Theise said.

You are amazing. You killed Lord Danny. I think you can be the best gunfighter.”

Alex Kim said.

No, buddy. I’m not going to do this anymore. I was about to pee on my pants.”

Andy Theise said.

This is the location where my teacher is.”

Andy Theise and Alex Kim stopped in Pegas Town. There is Perigee Church. The church is small but very high. Andy Theise and Alex Kim entered the church and Andy Theise is very surprised because of the height of the church.

What a huge cross.”

Andy Theise is amazed.

Alexander Kim”

A monk with a white robe came out and greeted to Alex Kim.

Teacher Micah.”

Alex Kim kissed the hand of Micah Brown.

A long time no see. I heard that you are doing some business.”

Teacher Micah Brown spoke.


Andy Theise laughted with his mouth closed.

They entered a small room and Micah Brown prepared some teas and raw fishes.

Alexander Kim loves raw fishes.”

Micah Brown said.

So, this guy is your student?”

Andy Theise said.


Micah Brown said.

I thought he is good at nothing.”

Andy Theise said.

Alexander Kim is the legend dishwasher. You haven’t heard it? He was the best and is still but he retired.”

Micah Brown said.

You told me that you have never had a duel.”

Andy Theise said.

I’m not a cowboy like you. Why do the hell I need to shoot a gun?”

Alex Kim said.

I have taught him everything including medical skills.”

Micah Brown said.

You mean this idiot is a doctor?”

Andy Theise said.

I was.”

Alex Kim said.

Why don’t you make money with it?”

Andy Theise said.

Do you remember what you told me? You don’t want to do a duel anymore. The same thing… I don’t want to do it anymore. I save someone but also kill someone.”

Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise noded twice.

By the way, teacher, is Dragon Warrior still in America?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, Holy Spirit told me so. Sounds like he is heading down to California.”

Micah Brown said.

To do God’s work there?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, Holy Spirit told me that he is Ukraine and wearing a rainbow sash on the chest.”

Micah Brown said.

So, we go to America now?”

Andy Theise said.

Sure. We will stay in Benign Town one day and depart.”

Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim heading down to Benign Town…

They are riding the white horse.

Teacher Micah Brown supports criminals.”

Alex Kim said.

That means he can get arrested.”

Andy Theise said.

Apparently, but he also trains criminals to work. He has re-educated about fifty criminals? They all have jobs now.”

Alex Kim lighted up a cigarette.

Can I have one?”

Andy Theise said.


Alex Kim gave it to Andy Theise.

Andria Isac appeared to a corrupted pastor Oliver Ron.

I knew you will come here, you Satan.”

Oliver Ron spoke to Andria Isac.

Andria Isac stared the eyes of Oliver Ron.

Oliver Ron loaded his shotgun. He kept shooting the shotgun to Andria Isac. Andria Isac moved very quickly and evaded the shots.

I will punish you fucking devil.”

Oliver Ron shouted.

Andria Isac hid at the wall near the house of Oliver Ron.

I will count.”

Oliver Ron said.

One… Two…”



Andria Isac suddenly jumped and pierced the two shoulders of Oliver Ron.

You… Devil…”

Oliver Ron spoke with pains.

Then, Andria Isac tied Oliver Ron and went to the kitchen. She found a cheese cutter and with it she rubbed the face of Oliver Ron. Oliver Ron screamed. Andria Isac stared the eyes of Oliver Ron for a while. Then, she kept rubbering the face of Oliver Ron with the cheese cutter. Then, Andria Isac left the place.

Soon, the chief sheriff Cam Wint got the report.

Now, Andria Isac killed Pastor Oliver Ron. We’ve got to do something now. She has killed three people in this town.”

Cam Wint said.

Cam Wint and the other ten sheriffs rode cars and went out to catch Andria Isac. Cam Wint is armed with a shotgun and the other ten sheriffs are armed with guns.

So, how much money does Oliver get from people?”

Jack Adam, a sheriff driving a car, said.

Tens from regular people and thousands from big guys…”

Tony Brown, a sheriff seating besides Jack Adman, said.

He is a dick anyway. He really likes oral sex and touching the pussy of women. You know what he does if someone puts him down, he hire a ganster and kill them all.”

Jack Adam said.

Why did Andria Isac killed Oliver?”

Tony Brown said.

Andria Isac is psycho. She thinks that she is the Messiah or something. You know that a lot of murderers believe that they are some messengers or something.”

Jack Adam said.

Her ways of killing are very disgusting. I mean like… you know other criminals. Some of them are pretty like..”

Jack Adam continued.

Knights !!!”

Tony Brown said.

Yes, exactly !!!”

While they are talking, they already reached to the destination.

All sheriffs got off from the cars and held guns and shotguns. Then, Andria Isac appeared with a flower hat, a silver robe reaching down to her feet, red leather gloves, and two guns.

Fucking creepy… Look at her eyes…”

Jack Adam said.

Man, I wouldn’t fuck that girl.”

The youngest sheriff Douglas Eric spoke.

Andria Isac is coming closer to the group of patriotic sheriffs armed with great valor.

Everybody… count three.”

The chief sheriff Cam Wint spoke.






Andria Isac shot two sheriffs.

Get down.”

Cam Wint said.

Cam Wint kept shooting Andria Isac but Andria Isac is very fast.

You die fucking Bitch !!!”

Tony Brown kept shooting the shotgun but Andria Isac evaded so fast. Then, Andria Isac shot Tony Brown and he is dead.

FUCK !!! Buddy…”

Andria Isac got Jack Adam. She killed everybody and Cam Wint is the only person left.

You… will pay for what you are doing…”

Cam Wint spoke with pains from the shots of both hands and both feet. Andria Isac left Cam Wint alone and left. Cam Wint tried to move but he couldn’t. Andria Isac kept walking.

You… imitating the cross of Jesus to my body…”

Cam Wint spoke with pains.

In Benign Town…

This town is very classic.”

Andy Theise said.

Yes, apparently.”

Alex Kim said.

Anyway, I don’t want do a duel here.”

Andy Theise said.

What happened with you? You were furious and fearless before.”

Alex Kim said.

You do a duel. You will realize.”

Andy Theise said.

After here, we will reach to California.”

Alex Kim said.

Don’t tell me that a lot of notorious criminals are here.”

Andy Theise said.

This place is usually very clean but they are very clean-shots.”

Alex Kim said.

What do you mean clean-shots?”

Andy Theise said.

That means they fight very clean. They don’t mass up people. You know? One shot and one kill.”

You mean duels?”


Suddenly, Andy Theise felt dizziness.

Let’s get out here now. We don’t need to stay here.”

Andy Theise said.

Relax. We need information about Dragon Warrior. That is why we are here, Andy.”

Alex Kim said.

They went to Chicken Bar, the most popular bar in Mexico. There are five super sexy female bartenders. The most attractive one is Nicole Diaz. Nicoe Diaz is 171cm-tall and has a very round face.

Hey, do you know about Dragon Warrior?”

Alex Kim said to Nicole Diaz.


Nicole Diaz spoke.

My buddy wants to see him because he adores Dragon Warrior.”

Alex Kim said.

Don’t ask about Dragon Warrior. He does what he is supposed to do.”

Nicole Diaz said.

What is your name? I’m Alex Kim and this is Andy Theise.”

Alex Kim said.

I’m Nicole Diaz.”

She spoke coldly.

I’m busy now. What are you going to drink?”

Nicole Diaz said.

Zamba Zamba Juicy”

Andy Theise said.

Sir, we don’t serve Zamba Zamba Juicy here. We only serve high-quality beer.”

Nicole Diaz said.

Damn it. I want Zamba Zamba Juicy.”

Andy Theise said.

Sir, we don’t serve low-quality beer.”


Andy Theise is in panic.

What do you have?”

Alex Kim said.

We have Tickle Tickle Donkey Ass, Mighty Nipple, Marry to the Thumb, We are Mexican, Jungle under Abs, Piano with Belly Button, Kung Fu in Your Mouth, and Honey Sorry Leaf.

OK. I will have Honey Sorry Leaf. What are you going to have Andy?”

Alex Kim said.

I will have Mighy Nipple.”

Andy Theise said.

Nicole Diaz brought the two glasses of beer to Alex Kim and Andy Theise. Suddenly, one cowboy showed up and approached to Nicole Diaz.

Hey, I’m here.”

The Cowboy Mac Goliath said to Nicole Diaz.

Just fucking leave me alone.”

Nicole Diaz said.

Then, Mac Goliath slapped Nicole Diaz and she fell down.

None of women treats me like that.”

Mac Goliath spoke.

Suddenly, Andy Theise became angry and stood up.

Hey, don’t treat an woman like that.”

Andy Theise spoke.

Come outside.”

Mac Goliath said.

Then, they came out.

Man, let’s have a fist fight.”

Andy Theise said.

Ha Ha Ha Ha… fist fights are for kids.”

Mac Goliath said.

Then, please give me an hour.”

How long?”

Twelve hours…”

Then, meet me here tomorrow 8 a.m.”

Then, Mac Goliath left. Andy Theise and Alex Kim came back to the bar.

What’s wrong with you? That guy is the best guy in the world. He is Mac Goliath.”

Alex Kim said.

Nobody hurts an woman in front of my face.”

Andy Theise said.

You are a fool. I don’t know who you are but you are dead now.”

Nicole Diaz said.

I think you are supposed to say ‘Thank you’ and give me your phone number.”

Andy Theise said.

We die anyway here. Can’t you give us any information about Dragon Warrior?”

Alex Kim said.

OK. Nobody talks about Dragon Warrior especially cowboys like you guys. He is very fast and very strong. A lot of people say that Dragon Warrior is a disguised snake because he is so fast and strong. He can kill people with a quick and clean shot. He hates criminals and likes wearing very blatant attires. He is so so fast. For that reason, he always wears very heavy boots. The boots are very powerful because he is so fast. He can use the resistance of the boots so well because he is so so fast. He is very generous to the weak and the poor but very very savage to the wicked and the greedy. He is heading down to California now.”

Nicole Diaz said.

What do you think, Andy? Did we get everything we need to have?”

Alex Kim said.

Yes, I think we’ve got to go back and practice.”

Andy Theise said with a depressed face.

Don’t worry about it. It’s on me.”

Nicole Diaz said.


Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim went to Zelsa Hotel.

There is a practice I leanred from teacher Micah Brown.”

Alex Kim said.

What is it?”

Andy Theise said.

Alex Kim lighted up a candle and he blew the fire out with a punch.

You know Martial Arts?”

Andy Theise said.

No, this is the only workout I do for dishwash.”

Alex Kim said.

So, I can make my hand faster with this workout.”

Andy Theise said.

For ten minutes Andy Theise practiced the exercise and he got that.

Now, put the gun in your pocket and grasp that with the opposite hand from the pocket.”

Alex Kim said.

Then, Andy Theise took the gun on the right poket with the left hand. Then, he did the opposite thing. He practiced this movement for ten minutes and he got that well.

Let’s take the bullets out from your gun and practice push-up and shooting.”

Alex Kim said.

Wait a minute. How do you know those trainings? Are you a gunfighter?”

Andy Theise said.

No, I just made up.”

But how?”

I don’t know. You know a rat in the trap. If something happens, you have to make it happen. Let’s carry on.”

Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise did clapping push-ups first. Then, he did shooting push-ups: push-up and right shooting, push-ups and left shotting, push-up and right shooting, and push-up and left shootring.

Then, Andy Theise and Alex Kim went outside.

I will throw a bottle above and you shoot them.”

Alex Kim said.

They practiced this for half an hour.

Now, let’s go to play some pool.”

Andy Theise said.

In California… Andria Isac…

She walked slowly toward the house of Bread Tim. Bread Tim is Godfather and has about hundred gang members. Godfather Bread is guarded by eighty gangsters and twenty of them are playing poker with Bread Tim. Andria Isac silently approached to the gang. She took a very sharp blade and killed the back guards cleanly. She was so fast and they could not see her. She killed fifty guards outside. Then, she holed the wall silently with her very sharp blade and entered the house. She killed the other twenty guards cleanly. The ten best guards began to shoot Andria Isac. Andria Isac moved so fast and hid behind barrels.

Boss, the Chef Isac is here.”

One big guard said.

Thirty gangsters kept shooting to Andria Isac. Andria Isac is still hiding behind the barrels. She moved quickly and went out the house. Then, the other gang members were coming outside and Andria Isac killed them one by one with her sharp blade. The other gangsters were scared and staying inside of the house to get Andria Isac. Then, Andria Isac holed the wall again with her sharp blade and entered the house and killed the guards. She did this over and over and killed the entire guards.

Whom are you imitating? Jesus Christ?”

Godfather Bread Tim spoke.

I think you are very attractive.”

Godfather Bread Tim is trying to attract Andria Isac to kill her.

You and me… Just you and me… What do you think?”

Godfather Bread Tim said. Suddenly, Andria Isac threw four kinves and they got the hands and the feet of Godfather Bread Tim.

You fucking Bitch… I fucking retired. Why do you do this?”

Godfather Bread Tim screamed.

Then, Andria Isac tied Godfather Bread Tim. She grasped the sharp blade and stabbed the soles of Godfather Bread Tim over and over.

Stop it… You fucking devil… you enjoy killing… you think you are some kind of a messenger?”

Godfather Bread Tim screamed and his tears flooded in the house.

Andria… what do you want from me?”

Godfather Bread Tim screamed desperately.

Andria Isac cut off the toes of Godfather Bread Tim. He got tired and could not scream anymore. Then, Andria Isac broke the windows and fed them to Godfather Bread Tim. Later, Godfather Bread Tim died with very intense pains.


In front of Chicken Bar…

Andy Theise and Alex Kim appeared and Mac Goliath was already there.

You know that I’ve never been shot.”

Mac Goliath said.

Let’s do fist fighting. I promise I won’t kill you.”

Andy Theise said.

Stop being a child and let’s finish it so fast like a pro. You have family?”

Mac Goliath said.

Why do you ask that?”

Andy Theise said.

It is because I can leave some money for your family.”

Mac Goliath said.

This is a huge fight. Mac Goliath is the best cowboy and a lot of people came to see this fight.

I know one thing. I think you are a bad pretentious asshole.”

Andy Theise said.

Alex Kim is hosting a gamble again.

Bet to Mac Goliath. You will definitely get money from me.”

He is being a fraud again.

You know one thing? At least you die with an honor. However, me? I win for nothing. Know that, you lucky guy.”

Mac Goliath said.





There was one shot heard.

Then, the winner was Andy Theise.

This is crazy… this new guy killed Mac Goliath.”

People got surprised.

Andy Theise fell down and breathed heavily.

Sorry… People… I didn’t expect this.”

Alex Kim put the money gathered to the bag.

I knew that you would win. We got some money here.”

Alex Kim said.

Leave me here for a while. I really can’t move.”

Andy Theise said.

This is your second duel.”

Alex Kim said.

I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m fucking exhausted.”

Andy Theise said.

Suddenly, Nicole Diaz came to Andy Theise and gave her address to him. She smiled to Andy Theise and left.

Now, let’s go to California.”

Alex Kim lifted up Andy Theise and they moved toward California.

At the border…

Between US and Mexico…

Andria Isac appeared. She was wearing a flower hat, a sliver robe reaching down to her feet, very tight red leather gloves, very heavy iron boots, and a rainbow sash on her chests. Andy Theise and Alex Kim stopped and looked at her.

Who is her? So ugly…”

Andy Theise said.

Wait a minute… a flower hat, and a silver robe? Ukraine, blatant attires, a rainbow sash, and very heavy iron boots…”

Alex Kim said.

What’s wrong, Alex? You know her?”

Andy Theise said.

That is Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior is an woman… I can’t believe this.”

Alex Kim said.

I will greet to her.”

Andy Theise got off from the white horse and approached to Andria Isac.

Hey, Dragon Warrior… Nice to meet you.”

Andy Theise walkd toward Andria Isac and Andria Isac grasped two guns and focused to Andy Theise.

Andy, come here.”

Alex Kim said.

Dragon Warrior shot four bullets to Andy Theise and Adny Theise evaded them. Then, he hid behind the wall with Alex Kim.

I can’t believe this. I’m seeing Dragon Warrior…”

Andy Theise’s eyes became so huge with a little tears.

Damn… Is she going to kill us?”

Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise stood up and walked toward Dragon Warrior again.

Dragon Warrior, I’m your fan.”

Dragon Warrior shot two bullets to Andy Theise again and Andy Theise hid behind the wall again.

Dragon Warrior, you’re my idol.”

Andy Theise stood up and talked to Dragon Warrior again.

Andy, get down.”

Alex Kim said.

We have to kill her somehow.”

Alex Kim said.

I don’t want to kill Dragon Warrior.”

Andy Theise said.

Listen, Andy. If we don’t kill her right now, she is going to run after us until you and me die.”

Alex Kim said.

I’ll prove. She can be a friend with us.”

Andy Theise said.

Dragon Warrior, I worship you.”

Andy Theise stood up and talked to Dragon Warrior again. Then, she threw a knife to Andy Theise’s shoulder.

She… hurt me…”

Andy Theise said bleeding.

So, what is your plan? I think she wants to kill me for some reasons but have no clues…”

Andy Theise said with a little pain.

Take this.”

Andy Theise said.

I don’t know how to shoot the gun.”

Alex Kim said.

Then, learn it now. It’s damn simple.”

Andy Theise said.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim kept shooting to Dragon Warrior but she was so fast and evaded all of them.

I’m going to persuade her to have fist fighting.”

Andy Theise said and stood up.

Dragon Warrior, let’s have fist fighting. I want to fight like a man.”

Andy Theise stood up.

Dragon Warrior stared Andy Theise a little while and put down her all weapons, knives, guns, and any other sharp stuffs. She took her sharp red leather gloves off and put off her hat on the ground. Andy Theise smiled and Dragon Warrior stared Andy Theise with very furious eyes. Dragon Warrior and Andy Theise charged to each other and Andy Theise punched Dragon Warrior. However, it did not hurt Dragon Warrior.

I can’t believe this… She is not a human…”

Andy Theise is greatly astonished.

Dragon Warrior punched Andy Theise’s face and Andy Theise flied 10-feet back. Then, Dragon Warrior walked slowly toward Andy Theise. Andy Theise stood up again and pushed back Dragon Warrior. Then, he punched Dragon Warrior again but it did not hurt her. Dragon Warrior punched Andy Theise several times but Andy Theise defended them all with his hands.

Damn… my hands so hurt… She sounds like a war machine…”

Andy Theise said with pains on his hands.

Do you want me to shoot her, Andy?”

Alex Kim said.

No, I will fight her anyway even if I die.”

Andy Theise said.

Andy Theise tied some fabrics to his wrists. Then, he walked toward Dragon Warrior.

Dragon Warrior, you are truly strong. I admire you but please forgive me that I do this to you.”

Andy Theise charged to Dragon Warrior again and punched the forehead of Dragon Warrior.


Dragon Warrior moved back 7-feet.

It works.”

Andy Theise said.

Dragon Warrior kicked Andy Theise and Andy Theise flied back 20-feet and the wall was broken. Then, Dragon Warrior gripped Andy Theise and threw him over.

This is the end…”

Andy Theise said.

Andy Theise is exhausted and could not stood up. Dragon Warrior took a knife from her pocket and was about to stap Andy Theise.

Get down, you fucking Murderer Chef Andria Isac.”

The chief sheriff Cam Wint is coming with his twenty sheriffs. One motor cycle and five cars are coming.

Jesus… he saved me…”

Andy Theise said.

Cam Wint and his fellowers encircled Andria Isac and Andria Isac got arrested. At that time when Cam Wint was dying slowly, Jesus appeared and healed him. Then, Jesus told him where Dragon Warrior is.

Are you ok, buddy?”

Cam Wint said to Andy Theise.

Hey, you think this is OK?”

Andy Theise said.

I don’t see you hurt.”

Cam Wint said to Andy Theise.

Look… she punched me and I flied and flied. You know what I really really hate? Why damn Dragon Warrior was trying to kill me? I’m not a criminal. I just have no place to stay.”

Andy Theise said to Cam Wint.

She is Dragon Warrior. I understand. I used to hate criminals but now I see them differently. Everybody deserves a second chance. That is why we did not shoot her.”

Cam Wint said.

By the way, I’m Andy Theise. This is Alex Kim.”

Nice to meet you, Andy and Alex. I’m Cam Wint.”

Seal her very tightly. She is realy really dangerous.”

Andy Theise said to Cam Wint.

Of course, we did and will seal her more at the nearest town.”

Cam Wint saluted and left.

So, we separate now?”

Andy Theise said.

Yes, I guess so. It was fun to be with you.”

Alex Kim said.

So did I.”

Andy Theise said.

Then, Andy Theise rode the white horse and advanced. Alex Kim advanced too.

Sounds like we might move to the same direction.”

Andy Theise said.

Yes, I’m going back to the town anyway.”

Alex Kim said.

You know? I really have no idea what to do and where to go. Maybe we can accompany a little more.

Andy Theise said.


Alex Kim said.

Andy Theise and Alex Kim came back to Benign Town. Then, they went to Chicken Bar.

Hey, you still remember me?”

Andy Theise said to Nicole Diaz.

Of course, I remember you, stranger.”

Nicole Diaz said.

She hugged Andy Theise.

Well… I feel like I’m a third person. By the way, where is my woman?”

Alex Kim said.

You don’t have any.”

Andy Theise said.

NO ~~~~~”

Alex Kim cried loudly.

-The End-


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