Alex Kim

Andy Theise is a police officer. He is about 2m-tall and can bench press 800lbs. Laura Black is his partner. She is about 167cm-tall but can leg press 2,000lbs. Andy Theise and Laura Black are perfect team players. This team can catch almost every tough criminal with easy hands.

You call yourself, a cop?”

Jack Brawn said to Laura Black. Jack Brawn is twenty-nine-year-old and about 3m-tall. Andy Theise is in the car and Laura Black is talking to the notorious cowboy Jack Brawn.

Sir, you are under arrest for violence.”

Laura Black said to Jack Brawn.

What can you do to me? Just go and eat your lunch.”

Jack Brawn said to Laura Black. Andy Theise smiled lighted up his cigarette.

This is the last warning. Get down and come into the car.”

Laura Black said to Jack Brawn.

I can’t take it anymore.”

Jack Brawn charged into Laura Black. With one punch, Laura Black knocked out Jack Brawn. With her one punch, she broke the ribs of Jack Brawn. Then, Laura Black arrested Jack Brawn.

Nice work, Partner.”

Andy Theise said to Laura Black.

I hate violence.”

Laura Black lighted up cigarette. As you guess, Andy Theise and Laura Black are good friends. They are not just partners. They believe in God and they are brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. When they are together, nothing is scary to them. Being a police officer in Victoria is very less mobile, which means the crimes are simple and easily treatable. However, the most mysterious and hideous crime occurred in Victoria. One young college girl, whose name is Jenessa Linda, was found dead in a dormitory of University of Victoria. A lot of detectives were searching possible evidences there.

Andy, what do you think of the crime?”

Laura Black said to Andy Theise. They are in Moka House of Cook Street Village.

What crime?”

Andy Theise spoke.

The college girl murder case in Uvic.”

Laura Black said to Andy Theise.

Natasha Faith probably did. You know that she is the Queen of Drug World.”

Andy Theise spoke.

How can you bring up Natasha Faith?”

Laura Black spoke.

She enjoys killing people. If she does not like somebody, she always kills, Laura. You know her. Look. The detectives have found nothing suspicious. Suicide? A murder from her jealous boyfriend? This is a very simple case. Natasha Faith killed her.”

Andy Theise said.

How can you say that? Maybe there is something going on, Andy.”

Laura Black said.

Maybe… we should talk to our loyal friend, Cam Wint.”

Andy Theise said.

Natasha Faith is the only person who can do this.”

Cam Wint is a lawyer and a friend of Laura Black and Andy Theise.

See? I’m right. Let’s arrest Natasha Faith.”

Andy Theise said.

Mr. Theise, there is no evidence yet about Miss Murderer.”

Damn it, Wint. Everybody knows that Natasha Faith killed the college girl. We don’t need to think. Let’s do it.”

Andy Theise said.

Mr. Theise, this is very dangerous. You know how dangerous Natasha Faith is. Besides, you can loose your job.”

Cam Wint spoke.

What do you mean that I can loose my job?”

Andy Theise said.

There is underworld under her hands. Fucking lawyers, doctors, business people, and so on.”

Cam Wint finished speaking.

I’m going in.”

Andy Theise stood up.

I’ve got to stop you, Mr. Theise.”

Why? Are you one of them supporting Natasha Faith?”

No, it is because you are my friend.

Cam Wint lighted up his cigarette.

Holy Spirit is not a person.”

The main pastor of Mountain Hand spoke.

Holy Spirit is dwelling in our church. Our church is God’s House and this church has done a lot of great things to the city.”

He is the pastor Ben Heart, a corrupted pastor. Ben Heart is thirty-five-year old.

Don Allan is eighty-year-old. He drives a tour bus. He used to be the main pastor of Mountain Hand. After Don Allan left Mountain Hand, the church has become corrupted. The church has become a Christian nightclub. That has become a church without Holy Spirit. The main pastor Ben Heart tries to brainwah people rather than doing good things. Don Allan is a very respected person with great knowledge and wisdom. For that reason, a lot of political leaders seek his advices.

There is no physical damages from the dead body.”

Detective Brandon Roberts spoke at the meeting.

Andy Theise and Laura Black are at the meeting too.

What about poisons?”

Andy Theise spoke.

There is nothing there, officer Andy.”

Brandon Roberts spoke.

Andy Theise stood up and was about to mention about Natasha Faith and Laura Black knew and stopped him. She held his right hand.

After meeting…

Laura, why did you stop me?”

Andy Theise spoke.

I know that you know the truth.”

Laura Black spoke.


Andy Theise said to Laura.

I believe that Natasha Faith is the only person who killed Jenessa Linda.”

Laura Black said.

But… not now… we need to set a plan.”

Laura Black said.

So, what is the plan?”

The former senior pastor Don Allan might know something.”

Laura Black said.

Why do we need to talk to a pastor for this?”

Andy Theise said.

He is not just a pastor. Have you read a book of Alex Kim which is called “Herious?”

Laura Black said.

Of course. Who doesn’t know that book, a book about a detective priest. The priest Herious, who deals with supernatural and mysterious murders.”

Andy Theise said.

Don Allan is a kind of Herious.”

Laura Black said.

With Don Allan…

I do not recommend you two become involved in this.”

Don Allan spoke.

Mr. Allan, look at the whole world. It is Natasha Faith’s World. She kills everybody who she hates; she spares anybody who pleases her. This must end.”

Andy Theise spoke.

Do you love me?”

Don Allan said to Andy Theise.

Pastor Don, I’m not a gay.”

Damn it, Andy. I didn’t mean that. Do you love me?”

Don Allan said to Andy Theise again.

Are you saying to me that you are not Jesus?”

Laura Black said.

Exactly. How did you know what I meant, Laura?”

Don Allan said to Laura Black.

According to my mathematical induction, your question is not relevant to our conversations.”

Laura Black said.

Don Allan noded.

How about you, Andy? Why did you say to me that you are not a gay?”

Don Allan asked to Andy Theise.

It is because I’m not a gay.”

Andy Theise answered. Then, Don Allan smiled.

You two are chosen ones. Andy, you are very innocent. Laura, you are very prudent. My time is over and I want you two to save the world.”

Don Allan said.

We are not saving the world, Mr. Allan. We are just trying to catch a criminal.”

Andy Theise said to Don Allan. Then, Don Allan smiled with the humility of Andy Theise.

The time has come. Until then, be waiting.”

Andy Theise and Laura Black left.

11 P.M….

Natasha Faith intruded into the house of Don Allan.

Mr. Allan, how are you doing? Or… should I say Holy Ghost?”

Natasha Faith smiled with her gold teeth.

You can not find what you are looking for. They are given to the new generations.”

Holy Ghost Don Allan spoke.

Natasha Faith bited a carrot and spit the pieces on the ground. Then, three wild beasts came up with a guy whose face and whole body are covered with clothes. The two wild beasts look very unfamiliar. The one looks like a cow and the other one looks like a chicken; however, they are huge and have iron teeth. Those two beasts crushed Don Allan with teeth and even the bones are gone. The blood was drunk by the two beasts.

Jodi Hatton is the highest supervior for Star Tour Service. She felt something strange with Don Allan. Don Allan is never sick or absent. His attendance is almost 100% except his very important family events. Don Allan always comes to work before one hour. Before he starts his shift, he always drink coffee and smoke a cigarette. Jodi Hatton phoned Don Allan but his phone does not answer. For that reason, Jake Adam was replaced for the tour bus driving.

Natasha Faith killed him. It is my fault.”

Laura Black said to Andy Theise.

It is not your fault. Why did Natasha Faith kill Don Allan?”

Andy Theise said.

Don Allan’s body is completely absent. Perhaps… Natasha found him for a reason.”

Laura Black said.

Like what?”

Andy Theise said.

Do you remember what Don Allan said to us? He told us that we are chosen ones. And he said that we will save the world.”

Laura Black said.

You mean… he already knew that Natasha Faith is the one?”

Andy Theise said.

Natasha Faith knows that we are running after her. How can she knows that? Where the hack is the body of Don Allan?”

Andy Theise said.

Andy, I think we need to get Natasha Faith as soon as we can just you and me…”

Laura Black said.

Where do you think Natasha Faith is? She killed Don Allan and probably went to somewhere.”

Andy Theise said.

Our loyal friend Cam Wint knows something.”

Andy Theise said.

Look. I don’t want him to be involved.”

Laura Black said.

Laura, we will catch her. OK? Nothing bad will happen again including you. I will catch her.”

Andy Theise said.

Mr. Theise, I know her current address. But, I ask you one thing. Can you catch her?”

Cam Wint, the lawyer friend of Andy Theise and Laura Black spoke.

Wint, I’m ready to die but I would rather catch her for all of us. I know now that she is running after all of us.”

Andy Theise said.

Mr. Thesie, we are all friends. We live and die together in the name of Jesus. We all meet at the junction.”

Cam Wint spoke.

Let’s go to the address.”

Andy Theise said to Laura Black.

Andy Theise and Laura Black were holding the guns and intruded into the building where Natasha Faith is currently dwelling. They walked slowly.


Andy Theise looked back and Laura Black is injected by Natasha Faith. Laura Black fell down.


Andy Theise immediately phoned other crews and Laura black is safely taken.

Natasha Faith… just you and me…”

Andy Theise is holding his fists very tightly.

Why don’t you join my side?”

Natasha Faith smiled.

Shut up. You killed my aunt’s roommate.”

Andy Theise said.

No, I’m your aunt’s roommate.”

Natasha Faith said.

No, that’s impossible !!!”

Andy Theise fell down.

Natasha Faith shot lightening from her hands.

Andy Theise dodged.

What was it? You are not a human.”

Andy Theise said. Natasha Faith kept shooting lightening and Andy Theise dodged and came close to Natasha Faith. Suddenly, Andy Theise punched the face of Natasha Faith.

Is that all you got?”

Natasha Faith punched Andy Theise’s face and Andy Theise flied 10-feet-high.

This is… crazy…”

Andy Theise got unconscious. Natasha Faith left a note to Andy Theise’s pocket. Then, she left the building.

Andy Theise visited Laura Black.

It is my fault.”

Andy Theise cried.

Laura Black is dreaming. She was in a farming land. She saw chickens, cows, goats, birds, hares, sheeps, and bears. And, there is a man with white hairs and a grey robe reaching down to his feet.

Welcome, Laura.”

A chicken spoke.

Where am I?”

Laura Black spoke.

You are in a training place.”

A sheep spoke to Laura Black. Then, the animals brough her to Jesus.

Laura, welcome to my garden.”

Jesus spoke.

Am I dead?”

Laura Black spoke.

You have not died yet, Laura. You are in a training place.”

Jesus spoke.

What do you mean that I’m in a training place?”

Laura Black spoke.

Punch me until you get me.

Jesus spoke.

Laura Black kept punching Jesus but she has never gotten him.

Do not use your physical strength. Feel your spirit.”

Jesus spoke.

Laura Black closed her eyes. Then, she began to fly.”

Natasha Faith used to be my student. She chose a dark side. Go tell Andy what you saw. Train him too. Now, punch me.”

Jesus finished speaking. Then, Laura punched the face of Jesus.

Did I hurt you?”

Laura Black said.

Yes, a little bit. Now, wake up.”

Then, Laura Black instantly woke up.

Laura, you are up.”

Andy Theise spoke.

Andy, I know how to get Natasha Faith.”

Forget about it. She is not a human.”

Jesus taught me something.”

Andy Theise and Laura Black are waiting for Natasha Faith in the designated area. It is a construction area in downtown.

You came.”

Natasha Faith came with a long blade.

This time, I won’t spare you, so be prepared.”

Andy Theise gripped his fists very tightly.


Laura Black closed his eyes and created a freezing blade. Then, he gave it to Andy Theise.

Thanks, Laura. Natasha Faith, let’s fight.”

Then, Andy Theise charged into Natasha Faith. They hit the blades each other.

I’ve fought a lot of heroes. However, I’ve not faced someone like you.”

Andy Theise and Natasha kept hitting the blades each other.

I’m tired. This fight will never end.”

Andy Theise spoke.

Suddenly, Natasha Fiath created a giant water ball with her left hand and threw it to Andy Theise. Then, Andy Theise became unconscious. Then, Natasha Faith charged into Andy Theise to kill him.


Laura Black defended Andy Theise with her freezing blade.

You want to die too?”

Natasha Faith said.

Laura Black and Natasha Faith kept hitting the blades each other.

Andy, you can do this.”

Andy Theise heard the voice of Jesus. Then, Andy Theise woke up.

You pathetic humans… you can not stop me.”

Natasha Faith charged into Andy Theise with her long blade.


Andy Theise gripped the edge of Natasha Faith’ blade with his right hand. Then, he punched the face of Natasha Faith with his left hand. Natasha Faith is bleeding.

Die !!!”

Natasha Faith kept waving the blade and Andy Theise kicked Natasha Faith’s face again.

Am I defeated by a human?”

Natasha Faith charged into Andy Theise again with her long blade. Then, Andy Theise punched Natasha Faith’s face again. Then, Natasha Faith dropped her long blade and fell down. She became unconscious. A bunch of police officers showed up and took Natasha Faith to the jail.

What did you see, Andy?”

Laura Black said.

Valor… something talked to me…”

Andy Theise said.

Laura, I think Natasha Faith killed Don Allan.”

Andy Theise said.

He is with Jesus now. Everything is over. We saved the world.”

Laura Black said.

2 P.M.

At the City Hall…
“People of Victoria, we have searched evidences of Jenessa Linda’s death. However, we have not found any clues. Why Jenessa Linda is deceased something we don’t know. All we know is that Jenessa Linda was an young and innocent college girl.”

The police chief Ray Richmond is speaking. He looked at Andy Theise and Laura Black and cried a little bit.

Our God is great God. God could not wait Jenessa Linda. For that reason, she was taken by God with no pains.”

Ray Richmond is keep speaking.

The whole city was in panic for a while. People, the public panic attacks were not because of a criminal. Our lacks of hearts towards God… Those caused our city in panic.”

Ray Richmond looked at Cam Wint, the young lawyer.

We are his servants. We shall keep his commends. Besides, we shall love each other and help each other. People of Victoria, let’s build our city great again together.”

Ray Richmond finished speaking. People shouted with joys.

Ray Richmond shooke with Andy Theise and Laura Black. Later, Andy Theise and Laura Black got promotions.


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