The Death of Kennedy

The Death of Kennedy

Alex Kim

My name is James Tanks. I was an associate of John Kennedy. John Kennedy was young and very passionate President of United States. I was the closest one knowing his life because I watched and admired him daily.

President John Kennedy is in a parade. He is waving his hands to people. People shouted and acclaimed. Everybody seems to love John Kennedy. John Kennedy is heavily guarded by a lot of armies. However, he was suddenly murdered by a crazy American citizen. The crazy American citizen shot the President and John Kennedy is deceased. At that time, I was not with President. I was having vacation at South Korea and learned the death of Kennedy through a Korean news channel. My anger rose toward the crazy American shooter; however, I discovered the crazy secret of Kennedy’s death.

Two weeks ago from the death of John Kennedy…

Mr. President, here is your coffee.”

I brough fresh coffee to President.

Thank you very much, James.”

John Kennedy smiled friendlily and put down his document.

I’m planning to look around elite science labs of United States. Would you like to join me, James?”

John Kennedy said to me.

Mr. President, I don’t think I have an authority to go there.”

I spoke to John Kennedy.

James, your my associate. Of course, you are very welcome to accompany me.”

John Kennedy spoke.

So, John Kennedy and I walked the science labs of United States. We’ve gone through a lot of huge science labs differing each other. Some science labs were testing combat robots, other science labs were building freezing throwers, and, and another secience lab was activating invisible suits. In my viewpoint, America seems too much interested in weapon systems. The last lab we visited is called “Future Solutions.” “Future Solutions” is the smallest labs of the all official science labs. When John Kennedy and I went there, we figured the most mysterious truth out.

Thanks for your visiting, Mr. President.”

Aldo Jack shook with John Kennedy.

And you are?”


Nice to meet you. Come on in.”

I felt that the lab is so small. I wanted to get out but John Kennedy looked to like this place a lot.

I like your lab. You have a lot of interesting stuffs.”

John Kennedy spoke.

Thank you, Mr. President. We are tying to find some medications too.”

Aldo Jack spoke.

What is this? This one looks like a tablet.”

John Kennedy found a big tablet attached on the wall.

Mr. President, that is DNA.”

Aldo Jack spoke.

Oh, really? I like this.”

John Kennedy spoke.

Mr. President, DNA has the whole information about a human. It tells your birth, death, career, relationship, etc. Everything is in DNA.”

Aldo Jack spoke with excitements.

So, you can interpret DNA?”

John Kennedy spoke.

Actually, we received the instruction from God.”

Aldo Jack spoke.


John Kennedy spoke.

We do not have the stone tablet anymore here. It is in NASA now. If you go there, Mr. President, you might find it. The tablet is so huge like an apartment building. It says everything, Mr. President.”

Aldo Jack finished his talking.

At the end, we went to NASA. I was not sure that John Kennedy has a religion but he looked very interested in this.

Mr. President, my name is Anderson Prime.”

Anderson Prime is a fourty-year-old white guy.

This is my assistant James.”

John Kennedy introduced me to Mr. Prime.

Mr. Prime, honor to meet you.”

I spoke to the old man. For some reasons, I did not like the Prime guy.

Would you like to take a look at NASA, the deep dream of America?”

Anderson Prime said to John Kennedy.


This way, Mr. President.”

We followed Anderson Prime and saw a lot of interesting things.

This is called second gravity, Mr. President.”

Anderson Prime showed us a hover tank.

When do you think this project will end?”

John Kennedy spoke.

Mr. President, this is just a rudimentary state. We haven’t figured out fuel systems and the coating.”

Anderson Prime said.

John Kennedy seems to be bored in this point.

Anderson, do you still have the tablet?”

Finally, John Kennedy spoke.

Mr. President, I do not understand what you say.”

Anderson Prime seems to be a liar to me.

He is meaning the tablet you took for “Future Solutions.”

I spoke to Anderson Prime.

Did you guys go to Future Solutions?”

Anderson Prime looked very uncomfortable.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but it is from above.”

John Kennedy spoke.

Follow me, Mr. President.”

Anderson Prime led us to a dark room.

Are you talking about those two bodies?”

Anderson Prime showed us the two dead bodies, which look like aliens.

Are they real?

John Kennedy spoke.

We don’t know, Mr. President. This is the craft they brought.”

Anderson Prime said to us.

I felt Prime guy seems to evade certain things, but I was glad that John Kennedy was very persistent.

Anderson, I want to see the tablet?”

John Kennedy spoke.

Isn’t this what you meant?”

Anderson Prime said.

I’m looking for the tablet… something with DNA things.”

John Kennedy became finally angry.

Anderson Prime looked very very frustrated for me. I was not that much curious about the tablet but John Kennedy looked very excited about the thing. Anderson Prime became very silent. He did not talk to much and I looked at John Kennedy. He looked very disappointed.

Mr. Prime, Aldo Jack showed us a mini tablet of yours.”

I finally spoke and it was a huge mistaking.

Anderson Prime was hesitating and he was thinking very deeply.

OK. Follow me.”

Finally, Anderson Prime led us to another room. The room is small but very high.

This is the tablet.”

Anderson Prime showed the tablet, Aldo Jack told us.

The language is with Hebrew. This is totally from God.”

John Kennedy spoke.

Mr. President, this is not from God. This have been in the deep part of Earth.

Anderson Prime spoke, but I knew that it was a lie.

This is very interesting. I should let people know this. God does exist…”

John Kennedy spoke.

I looked at Anderson Prime. He looked very frustrated. He became so silent.

Do you think the plate you showed me is something to do with this?”

John Kennedy spoke again.

Well… Mr. President…”

Then, I looked at Anderson Prime. I found out that Anderson Prime has lied to us.

OK. I will explain.”

It is glad that I accompanied John Kennedy because he can’t lie anymore in front of me.

This thing came with the dead bodies from above. You are right, Mr. President. We do believe that the tablet is from God. Certain information in the tablet matches to Bible.”

Anderson Prime said.

Then, he continued.

However, I don’t think it is a great idea to reveal this to the world.”

Anderson Prime spoke.

I was thinking a little bit and found out that maybe he hates Jesus.

Is it because you don’t like Jesus?”

I spoke.

I’m a science official of United States. I do not work for the government with personal feelings.”

Anderson Prime became very resentful.

I don’t think that way, Anderson. If people realize that God exists, they will be very hopeful.”

John Kennedy spoke.

I realized the reason. If American citizens believe in God, the power of governments will decline extremely.

Anyway, good work, Anderson.”

President and I headed down to White House. Then, I saw very suspicious glaces of Anderson Prime.

At White House, John Kennedy and I were organizing documents. There are a lot of paper works and we felt hopelessness.

If I don’t find the documents, I can’t speak about this in the public.”

John Kennedy spoke.

Mr. President, I don’t think we can find the files. There are no ways.”

I spoke.

John Kennedy looked very disappointed.

We can talk to Aldo Jack. He might know about the documents.”

I spoke to John Kennedy.

Yes, let’s do that after the weekend.”

John Kenney smiled.

After the weekend…

8 A.M….

This is President John speaking. May I speak to Aldo Jack?”

Just a few minute, Mr. President…”

A female scientist answered.

Aldo Jack speaking, Mr. President !!!”

Aldo, good to hear you again. Do you know about the documents for the tablet?”

John Kennedy spoke.

I don’t know about the paper. I’m just a scientist. However, I know one person who might know about the paper.”

Aldo Jack spoke.

Who is that?”

John Kennedy spoke.

Her name is Tina Luke.”

So, John Kennedy received her phone number and address. After that, we phoned Tina Luke.

This is President John. May I speak to Tina Luke?”

John Kennedy spoke.

Sir, we are so sorry. Tina Luke is on the vacation.”

An old lady spoke.

When is she going to be back?”

John Kennedy spoke.

I think you should wait three days. I’m not sure.”

The old lady spoke.

Then, can you phone to my assistant’s number as soon as she comes back?”

Yes, we will.”

John Kennedy and I did everything we could. John Kennedy was preparing the discourse.

After three days…

Are you James Tanks?”

A young lady spoke.

Yes, how can I help you?”

I spoke.

This is Tina. I heard that Mr. President was looking for me.”

Tina Luke spoke.

Oh, Tina… I want you to help us to find some documents for the tablet.”

I spoke.

You mean… the DNA one?”

Tina Luke already knew about that.

Yes, we need to know the locations of the files. There is no way to find the correct ones.”

I spoke.

James, you are very lucky. You don’t need to find the files because I have them reserved.”

Really? Can I get it today?”

Yes, it is possible.”

So, I got the documents and gave them to John Kennedy. That was the last time I saw John Kennedy.

A week after the death of John Kennedy…

When I came back, I was very distressed. I miss John Kennedy much. I knew that he was killed by an insane guy but could not stop thinking of Anderson Prime. I phoned Aldo Jack.

Hey, I’m James Tanks, a friend of Aldo Jack. Can I speak to him?”

I spoke.

Sir, so sorry… He passed away.”

A young lady spoke. Then, I felt very loud thunders.

Something is there. John Kennedy is not killed. He is assassinated.”

I was thinking.

At a meeting…

John Kennedy got a shot but something is strange here.”

A police chief was speaking. I was listening to him very cautiously.

He did not get a shot from the front.”

The police chief kept talking.

So… Prime guy already set a sniper and hired a crazy guy to finish off John Kennedy suceessfully.”

I began to delineate slowly.

I came back to the office and phoned Anderson Prime.

James, I heard that you were looking for me. I feel so sorry to hear the death of John Kennedy.”

Anderson Prime spoke.

Sir, did you hear that Aldo Jack is dead?”

I spoke to Anderson Prime.

Oh, is he dead? I feel so sorry.”

Anderson Prime said.

Sir, I know the truth. Are you going to eliminate me too?”

I faced him boldly because I knew that he can not touch me.

Excuse me?”

Anderson Prime spoke.

I know that you can’t touch me.”

I spoke.

Hey kid, listen. We built this country. Do you understand? A lot of loyal people have sacrificed to create United States of America. That guy is not. You hear me? You think that idiot is going to save people? What can you do with me? Just shut up and live.”

Anderson Prime hung up the phone.

I James Tanks did not have any choice. I decided to shut up and live. This is the story of John Kennedy. Although he was very young, he was very prudent and super passionate. He cared people and tried to show God’s love and grace to people. He got eliminated because he was about to show the truth to people.


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