A Story of Presidents

The story of Presidents

Midnight… at a hotel room…

George, you are so handsome.”

Hillary Clinton said to George W. Bush.

You are super sexy.”

George W. Bush said to Hillary Clinton.

They are together in a dobule bed.

Your arms are sharp and so big.”

Hillary Clinton touched Bush’s left arm. Then, she tickled Georege W. Bush’s armpits.

Ha Ha Ha… stop it… you magic sexy hand..”

George W. Bush tickled Hillary Clinton’s sides.

Ho Ho Ho… George… that’s enough.”

At the same time…

Obama in White House…

I don’t think this is a great idea, Minister Tiger.”

Obama reviewed the documents, handed down from Minister Tiger, and spoke.

Mr. President, this is the way for America.”

Tiger said to Obama.

No, America is a country of freedom. We must give chances to all American citizens. Minister Tiger, we need these people. They are very valuable.”

Obama disagreed with Minister Tiger’s paper.

Yes, I will leave, Mr. President.”

Minister Tiger left the room and Obama lighted up the cigarette. Yes, the President Obama is a very noble and royal man. He was a great President and is still a great President.

4:00 A.M….

At Clinton’s House…

Bill Clinton is feeling very worried because Hillary Clinton, his wife, has not come home yet.

She doesn’t normally do this…”

Bill is very concerned about her.

Bill Clinton is a former President of America. He was neither bad nor good. All of us remember the scandal of Bill Clinton. We will admire that Bill Clinton acknowledged his hidden relationship.

Bill Clinton lighted up a cigarette.

Is she OK?”

Bill Clinton decided to go back to the bed.

Around 7 A.M., Hillary Clinton came back home while Bill was still sleeping. Hillary Clinton lighted up a cigarette and thinking of George W. Bush’s handsome face.

He is so… HOT…”

Hillary Clinton said to herself.

Hillary Clinton took a shower and it became 8 A.M. Then, Bill Clinton woke up.

Honey, what happened?”

Bill Clinton said.

I can’t tell you. You shouldn’t know.”

Hillary Clinton said coldly with drying her hairs.

We are married.”

Bill Clinton said.

OK Ok ok… I met a CIA, understand?”

Hillary Clinton said.

OK, I won’t ask more about that.”

Bill Clinton said.

Bill Clinton went out for his social club, which is ’emptiness club.’ Club members are around twenty and these people discuss and practice how to empty the minds. They had a new member, so the whole club members are twenty-three.

My name is Jake and I like eating. I want to learn to decrease my eating desires.”

Jake Max is twenty-seven-year-old and an engineer. He does not look that overweighted but he is about 300lbs.

So, what is your topic today, Captain America?”

The club President John Ryan spoke to Bill Clinton.

Well… I think today I want to talk about forgetting your wife or husband.”

Club members looked at each other and laughted.

Sometimes… it happens…”

Mike Brown, a sixty-year-old club member smiled.

George W. Bush phoned Hillary Clinton.

Hey, babe… did you go home, all right?”

Yes, my knight Geroge.”

Hillary Clinton said to George W. Bush.

Your lib is so sexy red. You drive me crazy, Hillary.”

George W. Bush said to Hillary Clinton.

I want to tickle you again, George.”

Hillary Clinton said to George through the phone.

Let’s do it again sometimes, Hillary. Anyway, I’ve got to go. I just wanted to assure that you are safe.”

I love you too.”

After he hung up the phone, he checked his schedule book. He has an appointment with Obama at 2 P.M.

George W. Bush and Obama met at Paradise Golf.

Hey kid, peacefullness does not mean peace and violence does not mean ill-will.

What are you talking about George?”

Obama said.

America is the peacemaker of the world. For that reason we’ve got to do what we don’t want to do sometimes.”

George W. Bush spoke.

So, you are a peacemaker and caused several major wars?”

Obama said.

Damn it, Obama, I did not make those decisions for United States. I motherfucking decided them for the whole world. Somebody has to be a bad guy even though he is a good guy.”

George W. Bush said.

What is the role of shadows? Shadows themselves are in darkness but they lighten up the world more shiningly. Don’t you think so?”

George W. Bush continued.

What is the point, George? Do you want to me to fight or what?”

Obama said.

You don’t have to stop everything. However, if you judge something is too serious, you must act, kid.”

George W. Bush said to Obama.

7 P.M….

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton met at Happy Time, a very famous American restaurant.

How was the meeting?”

Hillary Clinton said.

It was OK. You look super cute today.”

Goerge W. Bush said,

Thanks. I changed my makeup a little bit. This is called a transparent makeup. A lot of Asian women do that.”

Hillary Clinton said.

You are such a beauty…”

You are such a prince…”


Bill Clinton went to Golden Star, a reletively big and very professional gym.

Captain American, what’s up?”

Jim Tale said to Bill Clinton.

Jim Tale is a thirty-year-old black guy.

Good. Are you working out pulling muscles today?”

Bill Clinton said.

Of course, Captain. The whole body workout again?”

Jim Tale said.

Yes, as you know.”

Bill Clinton said.

Captain, you need to change your routine. That’s not right. Your body will eventually encounter ceasing periods.”

Jim Tale said.

Bill Clinton always workout the whole body at once. He lifts heavy weights but does not use too many machines.

Midnight again…

Today… I will tickle your toes.”

Hillary Clinton tickled the toes of George W. Bush.

Ha Ha Ha Ha… I love it.”

They are staying at a hotel room again but this time it is a different hotel.

Can I tickle you too?”

George W. Bush said.

Not yet. You have to play a game with me and you have to win me. Then, I will give you the prize.”

Hillary Clinton danced erotically and smiled.

At the same time…

She is doing this again.”

Bill Clinton is worried but began to feel something suspicious. He decided to phone his best CIA friend.

James Toner, this is Bill.”

Bill Clinton said.

Captain Bill, how are you?”

A CIA member James Toner spoke.

Yes, I’m doing good. No, actually bad.”

Bill Clinton said.

What’s wrong, Captain?”

James Toner spoke.

Well… my wife is going back home late lately. She told me last night that… I mean… today morning… she said that she met CIA.”

Bill Clinton said.

Well… Captain, I don’t think there is something going on, which means that your wife is lying.”

James Toner said.

Can you figure this out for me? Yes, she is No.2 of the United States now. However, CIA usually do something within CIA. You know that, right?”

Bill Clinton said.

Captain, as I said, there is not much going on, which means Mother Hillary is not meeting CIA.”

Then, who??? I’m fucking feeling… FUCK !!!”

Bill Clinton said.

Calm down, Captain. I will figure out and call you soon.”

Thanks so much, James.”

Bill Clinton lighted up another smoke.

At the hotel room…

Please, tickle me harder, George.”

George W. Bush tickled the knees of Hillary Clinton.

What about this?”

Haha Hahaha…”

Goerge W. Bush scratched the underarms of Hillary Clinton savagely.

Captain, I figured out.”

James Toner phoned Bill Clinton.

Where is she?”

Bill Clinton said.

She is at Bravo Hotel.”

Is she with a CIA?”

Captain, she is with George W. Bush.”

James Toner was very surprised.

So, she is not lying. She is discussing matters with a former American President.”

Bill Clinton felt comforted.

Actually, Captain, they are tickling each other.”

FUCK !!!”

FBI… kiss the ground.”

Twenty FBI members entered the room, where George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton are staying.

What the fuck is going on?”

George W. Bush was very mad.

Put down your weapons. Why are you here?”

Hillary Clinton said.

They were taken by FBI members to Skyfall prison.

Soon, Bill Clinton arrived there.

Damn it, George. You are trying to steal my wife?”

Bill Clinton stared Goerge W. Bush.

Bill, relax.”

George W. Bush said to Bill Clinton.

You fucking tell me to relax? How can I relax?”

I think you should relax, Bill.”

Hillary Clinton said.

How could you do this to me, honey?”

Bill Clinton said to Hillary Clinton.

Don’t you remember what you did to me? I was very faithful to you and you did something President must not have.”

Hillary Clinton said to Bill Clinton.

I’m so sorry. I repented and this is who I am now.”

Bill Clinton said to Hillary Clinton.

Sounds like I’m the bad guy here.”

George W. Bush said.

Don’t worry. I would not touch your wife. Let them go.”

Bill Clinton said.

10 A.M.

Obama is standing in front of American people.

People, we are all human beings. We make mistakes, even I myself. As all of you guess, I’m a Muslim. I was biased and it is such a shame to an American President. I want to confess one thing. I had a crush on Hillary Clinton. She was such a temptation to me and I ended up putting her as my left arm.”

Obama cried a little bit.

As President of United States, I will try to make this country outstanding forever. I will even lighten the whole world. I will be a shadow and make the whole world shinning ever more. Thank you, America.”

Obama finished his speech and people acclaimed.


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