The Fighter

The Fighter

Alex Kim

My name is Bob Robert. I’m the fighter of fighters. I’m twenty-year-old. Tomorrow, I have a very important fight. I’m going to take twenty people. Of course, I will be alone.

Finally, tomorrow came.

I’m fighting twenty people. The oldest ones are grade 4 and the most of them are grade 1. Some of them are grade 2 and 3. After 9 a.m., we began to fight. They rushed on to me, but it is no use because I’m the legend and I’m the best fighter. I kicked them and punched them. I threw them down to the ground and I threw stones to them. It was a very hard fight, but I won. Today, I proved who I am. Yes, I’m the legend. I’m the best of the best on the earth.

Alex Kim’s Comment:

People, I will give you a lesson from this parable. You might be a very big, rich, or smart guy. You might outnumber from you country or even the world. However exceptional you are, you are nothing in God’s kingdom. You can not defeat people in God’s kingdom. They are very happy, powerful, and smart because they are dwelling with God Almighy. People, I encourage you to give and forgive. God’s kingdom is described in Bible. Pleasures in God’s kingdom can not be compared with anything you have or someone you admire.


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