Harry Potter vs Ironman

Harry Potter vs Ironman

Alex Kim

Ha… Harry Potter…”

Batman said to Harry Potter, who is twenty-two years old now.

You must be Batman.”

Harry Potter said to Batman.

Ten hours ago, Harry Potter sent a message to Batman by his bird.

Batman… I dare to your pretentious justice. I will wait for you at the roof designated.”

After Batman got the message, he hesitated to meet Harry Potter. However, Batman is a hero. He decided to fight Harry Potter.

In New York City, let’s see who is real justice, Batman.”

Harry Potter said to Batman.

Fuck… We can save the city together. This fight is no use, Mr. Potter.”

Batman said to Harry Potter.

But it must be without you…”

Harry Potter smiled.

I’m not your match. Please, don’t kill me, God Potter.”

Batman cried and fell down.

It’s over.”

Harry Potter made Batman powders with his wand.

Superman saw a vision that Batman is murdered by Harry Potter.

Ha… Harry… Harry Potter is here.”

Superman felt very afraid.

Superman flied and arrived in the roof where Harry Potter is staying.

You killed my friend.”

Superman said to Harry Potter.

Don’t be worried. You will go to the same place too.”

Harry Potter smiled.

No, you will be the one going down.”

Superman stared Harry Potter and shot the laser.

The laser penetrated the ground but Harry Potter avoided it.


Harry Potter shot the huge fireball to Superman but Superman dodged.

Superman shot the laser again but Harry Potter nullified it with his wand.

Is that all you have?”

Harry Potter smiled again.

Superman closed his eyes and Harry Potter finished Superman with lenear smokes.

Superman is dead. He does not breathe anymore.

Everything is done. Now, the whole world is mine.”

Harry Potter is very pleased with what he has accomplished. However, he does not recognize one person, who is Ironman.

Ironman is in training. With his suit, he is trying to train to be faster and faster. He is shooting the moving plates and practicing dodging skills. After finishing the training, he turned on TV.

Batman and Superman are murdered by a mysterious enemy. We do not konw what exactly has happed, but the enemy seems to have very high-technological weapons.”

Ironman was not sure who the enemy is but had no choice.

Whatever it is, let’s go.”

Ironman flied with his suit.

Track the object.”

Ironmind commanded to the suit.

Yes, Captain.”

Ironmind tracked the pace of the object and it is Harry Potter.

I… I can’t believe this… You are Harry Potter !!!”

Ironmind was very surprised.

Harry Potter is flying with his mop.

I’ve never seen you before. What are you?”

Harry Potter stopped advancing.

I’m Ironman. I’m a scientist. I heard that you are a hero. Why are you doing this?”

Ironman spoke.

It is only because I do not trust shits like you guys.”

Harry Potter smiled.

You are a hero. You don’t need to do this, Mr. Potter.”

Shut up !!!”

Harry Potter shot lightning thunders to Ironman with his wand.

Fuck !!!”

Ironman dodged them.

Alaska Fire !!!”

Harry Potter shot flame clouds to Ironman. However, Ironman froze them with his suit.

Wow… Happy Potter and Ironmind are fighting.”

One twenty-year-old boy said that. A lot of people are watching the fight between Harry Potter and Ironman on the air.

Who said that I’m Happy Potter? I’m going to kill you.”

Harry Potter is very mad at one ordinary person.

Not so fast, Murder Potter.”

Ironman shot two missiles to Harry Potter.

Umbrella !!!”

Harry Potter defended himself with a magic umbrella.

He is very tough.”

Harry Potter began to feel tired.

We identifed the murderer and he is Harry Potter.”

A news lady was speaking for New York City News.

Super Fart !!!”

Harry Potter farted in front of Ironman’s face.

Shit… I can’t smell this.”

Ironmind is falling down from the sky.

I will finish you now. Antaraska !!!”

Harry Potter focused his wand on Ironman. Ironman is falling down.

You can do this.”

Ironman closed his eyes and began to think of people who believe in him.

Take this, Murder Potter.”

Ironman shot railguns toward Harry Potter.

Do you think that I’m that unprotected, you pathetic funny robot?”

Harry Potter focused his wand forward. However, he could not defend himself from the railguns. They were so powerful and fast.

I can’t believe this… I’m defeated by an ordinary human being…”

The railguns penetrated the eyes of Harry Potter and he is dead. He is falling down to the ground.

Don’t pretend like you are dead.

Ironman descened. And he recognized that Harry Potter is dead. People acclaimed Ironman.

People, Ironman saved us again from another monster.”

The New York City news lady spoke.

What would you say to us, Ironman?”

Well… people it is such a tragedy that we lost two noble heroes. I Ironman is still here and will continue to defend all of you. I love you, people and that is why I’m here today.”

Ironman finished speaking.

Ironman… you killed my friend. I will see you.”

The dead Harry Potter’s friend Ron spoke.

The End

Alex Kim


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