Speed Reading Tips

How to Improve Reading Skills

Our school teachers have told us that we can improve reading speeds if we read a lot. However, this is not true. Can we develop muscles with running only? Of course, this is not possible. Even running faster with running only is not possible. Let’s discuss to read faster. I Alex Kim is as you know from Korea and I’ve been in Canada since 2005 Summer. I have gone through English Second Language Courses and run through some college educations. I figured out later that fast reading is very important. I’m not in college now but reading is vital to me because of my business. From my eight-year English uses, I figured out that faster reading can be obtained by reading puzzles, vocabulary and grammar, and special other trainings.

The first thing you need to do is to perfect your vocabulary and grammar. You can get vocabulary or grammar books on the internet or at reletively big book stores. You might choose very advancned vocabulary books. I like “Word Smart.” Please do not choose “Dummy Vocabulary Books.” You must get advanced ones. Averagely those book will contain 2,000 words to 5,000 words. You should find excellent grmmar books too. If you perfect your vocabulary and grmmar, you will read faster and more precisely.”

Second, you will speed up your reading with reading puzzles. You need to keep improve your brain to absorb information in any form. Yes, I’m talking about reading puzzles. Here are some samples.

I like you a lot



easy, right?



These are the samples I give you.

If you practice a lot of reading puzzles, your reading skills will be improved.

Be more creative.

You can make the sentences up-side-down with Power Point.

Even you can use numbers.

I like you a lot = [9] [12][9][11][5] [25][15][21] [1] [12][15][20].

Of course, remember that you can make them backwards and up-side-down.

Reading puzzles eventually help you read by sentences than words.

Finally, you will improve reading skills by special means. The first practice is to summarize paragraphes. You can use newspapers or biographics. Those two are always best. Reading very difficult books are useful too. There are certain books I recommend: “How Not To Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg,” “The Vital Question by Nick Lane.”

In conclusion, you can improve reading skills with reading puzzles, perfect vocabulary and grammar, and specified trainings. Studying goes forever. After graduating colleges or universities, your studying starts. Thanks for reading.

Alex Kim


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