Father, are you there?

Father, Are You There?

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Today we are going to discuss God’s existence with statistics. Let’s pay attentions to the population of each country. These population records will be in 2016.

324,118,787 US Population 2016

1,384,898,932 China Population 2016

126,323,715 Japan Population 2016

50,503,933 Korea Population 2016

36,286,378 Canada Population 2016

102,250,133 Philippines Population 2016

94,515,000 Vietnam Population 2016

5,696,506 Singapore Population 2016

As you see this list, there are countries with high population and as well low population. Now, we all know that thse countries above have Presidents. Let’s take a general look at the probablity of being President.

1 / 324,118,787 US President

1 / 1,384,898,932 China President

1 / 126,323,715 Japan President

1 / 50,503,933 Korea President

1 / 36,286,378 Canada President

1 / 102,250,133 Philippines President

1 / 94,515,000 Vietnam President

1 / 5,696,506 Singapore President

Being President in a big country is very low.

Being President in a small country is higher.

President thing is a idea of big countries.

Even small countires have Presidents.

There is one leader existing in the biggest country, which is World.

Therefore, we can assume that there is a supreme leader, who is God.

Now, let’s look at the surface areas of each country.

US Surface Area 9.834 million km²

Canada Surface Area 9.985 million km²

Korea Surface Area 100,210 km²

China Surface Area 9.597 million km²

Japan Surface Area 377,972 km²

Philippines Surface Area 300,000 km²

Vietnam Surface Area 331,210 km²

Singapore Surface Area 719.1 km²

Whether a country has a bigger territory or a small territory, there is President in the country. This suggests that there is someone supreme in the biggest country, which is World.

Now, pay attentions to what I’m saying.

Let’s suppose that there is a country A.

The country A has population 1,700 and this country will have President, so 1 / 1,700 will be the possiblity of President.

What about country B? Let’s suppose that country B has larger population, which is 9,999,999,999,999,999. This country will have two Presidents because the country is so huge. As well, 2 / 9,999,999,999,999,999 will be the possiblity of being Presidents.

However, if there is no President, the thing becomes very funny. There is a country C with population of 30,000. The possiblity of President is 0 / 30,000.

The argument starts from here. What does 0 / 30,000 mean? This mean zero, which suggests that the country can not run without a leader or leaders.

The population of the whole World in 2016 is 7.4 Billion.

In number, this is 7,400,000,000.

If God does not exist, the possiblity of President is 0 / 7,400,000,000, which means zero.

As you see above, the country can not run without a leader or leaders. For that reason, there is God. This is proven by number theories.


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