How to Maintain Essential Services

How to Maintain Essentical Services

This is just a political essay.

These are not my words.

We’ve undergone a lot of strikes of post officers. They are essential service workers and their strikes are very critical to us and give us immense damages. If bus drivers strike, this will cause serious problems to us as well. Everybody works hard in Canada and I believe that it is such a selfish act that a lot of post officers strike. I’m a former Royal Jubilee Hospital worker and here is a story I give to you. Royal Jubiee Hospital workers are machines. They complain their low wages but do not cause striking because these people know that they are important. Past a few years, post officers has caused striking too often. This caused a lot of vast troubles to Canadian citizens. You can imagine how selfish post officers. In order to maintain stable essentical services in Canada, there are three actions government can do: managing the essential work categories, re-educating the essential service workers, and involve low-duty volunteers.

Firstly, we have to deal with the striking of essential service workers. If they initiate striking, it is already late to change their mind. In this point, none of our efforts to change or inpire them will work. The government must try to fix the issue with more acute ways. Bascially, we need to cause competitions between them. For instance, we can cut down the number of workers and increase the wages of the remaining workers. This is very effective because we still pay less money to them. However, this way is only effective when they actually start striking. Remember that the most important point of this strategy is to separate them apart.

Secondly, we can let them attend educational conferences. They will learn how important they are and also teach their duty. Also we can add award programs. With some educational programs and reward systems, we can inspire essential service workers to work more seriously. We can make them feel like they are heroes, fill them with patriotism, and build their noblity. Educational programs will be created by Canadian government teaching the role of each group of essential service workers, the weight of their works, and the huge losses of the cities from the strikes of essential service workers. The educational programs must let the essential service workers know why they are here and why they are important to this country.

Fianlly, we can recruit a lot of low-duty volunteers for help the essential service workers. We are not using them for high-duty tasks because they are liable to make mistakes. However, we can make the essentical services more effective and fast by using volunteers for low-duty tasks. Essential services workers will toil less and satisfaction of people receiving essential services will be very high. This is a win-win situation for both customers and essential services workers because volunteers are not costly at all and essential workers can work with less stresses.

In conclusion, we Canada can miniminize the damages from the striking of essential service workers by regulating the groups of essential service workers, re-inform them, and add low-duty volunteers to them. Canada is a great country. Our government support us and Canadians work hard. I Alex Kim has done a lot of diverse works and witnessed the flowers of a lot of hard workers. We Canada can not let those essential workers, especially post officers take advantages of our people’s money. God said, “Everybody is equal to me and I love them.”


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