To be a Pro

To Be a Pro

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Hello, people. How are you? Today we are going to discuss how to workout like professional athletics. Some ordinary people dedicating to other subjects rathen than sports build very tough bodies. The good thing is that this is possible for you. Generally speaking, ordinary people can not reach to the physical levels of other professional athletics. This is the discussion today, which is how to workout well with mathematics.

Let’s start with a simple linear function. y = 3x for athletics and y = x for normal people like you and me.

y = the result

x = the time

As you see the two graphes, athletics go up very fast, while normal people like you and me go up slower than them. The most important point of these two graphes is the angle. If we calculate this angle, we can figure out the secret of the strength. Those two graphes can be explained in vector, so we will calculate the angle with cosine. We are going to make a right triangle with those two graphes. If we use cosine, we can find out something very interesting. Athletics go up with less time, which means efficiency is the difference between athletics and ordinary people. This makes a good sense. To go up fast like them, we need to exercise more efficiently. Based on this discovery, we should do certain workouts they do rather than spending an whole day in weight room.

Let’s use a constant function this time.

y = physical level

x = time

I will put athletics to y = 3 and us to y = 1.

We will use integration this time, so the area of the two functions will be result. In these two graphes, we are going to forget about efficiency or effectiveness. Of course, athletics has built good the levels well and go up so fast. However, we are still going slowly. Based on the graphes, if the time goes more faster and faster than athletics, we have great chances to excel them. The answer? The answer is more time. I’m not telling you to workout slowly everyday. The best way to defeat time is to do more often.

So, with mathematics we concluded the anwer, which is to workout efficiently and more frequently. Nowdays, we have Internet. For that reason, you can google a lot of free-weight workouts and special workouts too. Athletics do a lot of different workouts and you can be like them if you research their workouts.

To end, I will tell you my workout story. Of course, I do weightlifting but also use some different tools. The first item I use is a very heavy-duty resistance band. This one is very different from regular bands, which have handles. The other item I use is a very heavy-duty power twister bar. Mine is different from ordinary stores; it is 80kg. I used to do weightlifting only but now I don’t. I learned that those tools train different muscles from weightlifting. If you want to know more about this, google it. I’m not supposed to advertise items here. Cheers !!!

Alex Kim again…


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