Success Principles

Success Principles

This is just a mathematical discussion.

These are not my words.

Today, we are going to figure out success principles with mathematics. Do you know Jack Canfield? Jack Canfield is a very successful businessman and a success coach. There is an equation he claims. According to Mr. Canfield, (Result) = (Talent) + (Efforts).

Let’s see the function. Y is your result. X is your effort level. Then, the function will be y = x. Your result will show up according to the level of your efforts. If you push yourself harder, you get better results definitely.

What about talent? Is talent that important? Let’s see the function y = x. In this graph, your talent is zero. This is the refined graph for people with no talents: y = x + 0. If somebody has some talents, the graph will be something like this: y = x + 3. Let’s suppose the person’s talent is three. The graph is not different from y = x. Just one difference is that you start the function from y =3 and going up in the same slope as y = x graph. This thing proves that talents are not that matters.

Is there more ways to reach to the better result? Yes, there is. If you increase the slope of a function, you will elevate to the better and faster results. The entire function will be like this. y = mx + a. Again, y is the result, x is the effort, a is the talent, and m is the efficiency. If you increase the efficiency, you will go much faster with your efforts. What talents make differences is that you start from higher positions. That is all. It is not talent making differnces. Number one is your effort level and the other one is your efficiency.

If you integrate the graph, which means the area of the graph, you can calculate the capitals you earn. With this illustration, you can examine your success level. Score your level, talent, effort, and efficiency, you can calculate your capitals with calculus.

Thanks for reading.

Let’s work hard and get more efficiency.


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