Lottery Ticket Discussion

Lottery Ticket Discussion

This is just a mathematical disssuion.

These are not my words.

Today, we are going to discuss lottery tickets. Before I start my new mathematical approaches to the winning, let me tell you one thing. People often believe that lottery winnings are achieved by lucks. Yes, maybe they are right; however, you are not doing investments by lucks. You do investments with your own researches. Let’s start now how to win lottery tickets.

Today, we are going to take a look at sin and cos functions. Why do I use sin and cos functions? It is due to the fact that lottery tickets always circle around, which means that the function of lottery tickets is “square x + square y = 1.”

Let’s look at y = sin x.

y is the amount of any values and x is the angle of a triangle.

The range of y is from -1 to +1.

With this, we can draw a third degree function similar to y = sin x. The third degree function will be y = x(x-1)(x-2).

In this graph, we will assume that y is a winning, while x is the amount of the tickets you buy. The graph will rise from x = 0 and go down at x = 1. The graph will rise at x = 2 again from 0.

Based on this graph, to win any lotter tickets, you need to buy the tickets at least more than two. When x is 2, y is zero; after x is 3, y will rise again.

Let’s use cos graph.

y = cos x

y is a value and x is the angle of a triangle.

Like sin graph, the cos x function moves from negative one to postive one. The x value will be any angle.

Let’s use a third degree function similar to the cos function.

Y = (x+1/2)(x-1/2)(x-3/2)

The graph start from (0,1) and going down until x = 1. Then, the graph will go up from x = 3/2. From the graph, we can conclude that you will have more possiblity when you buy the two tickets. Like the sin function, the cos function concludes the same idea.

What is more, this is not the end. Remember that we just transformed sin and cos functions into third degree functions. More higher-degreed functions will have more complicated graph movements, which means the functions will keep inclining and declining between negative one to positive one. So, what does this mean? When you buy lotter tickets, you should buy immediately because the more you wait, the more functions move between negative one to positive one. The y values will never change but between 1 to -1. The x values will start from 0 to . For that reason, you should buy right away than be waiting.

In conclusion, lottery ticklets are also investments. You don’t just put money into investments with lucks. You invest money based on your own researches. Winning lottery tickets is the same thing too. The first thing, you buy two. The second, do not wait. Third, buy the same kind all together. Like investment, do some research before you buy lotter tickets. You also need to think that you should buy the larger group or the smaller group.

Thanks for reading.

You are awesome.


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