Saving Discussion

Saving Money is Doable

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Income keeping staying

y = x generally…

y is the money amount

x is the period

Let’s use integration.

Y = ½ square x

This will be the maximum consumption leve..

But this only happen when you spend no money.

Let’s assume that we don’t save money. The assumed income is 2,000 CAD. For that, the fucntion will be y = 2,000.

Y value is your income and your income is always the same.

Your maximum consumption level still increase slowly if you integrate it.

What this graph tells you is that there is a benefit of saving money. And the other assumption is that you always have a chance to save money. Let’s look at the constant graph again. y = 2,000
If you integrate it, your maximum consuption still increase slowly which means that you will always have a capablitiy to save money. This is prove by math and saving is very possible. I’m a mathematician and not a bank worker, so I can’t explain this in a financial term. What I see is that saving is always possible if you see the graph. 20 CAD monthly is saving too, right? Look. The graph y = 2,000 tells everything. Y values, your incomes, are always the same; however, the areas of the graph, the maximum consumptions, constantly increases. After I finish some financial books, I will discuss invesments with you. I’ll promise 🙂


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