How to make a girlfriend

How to make a girlfriend with Mathematis

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Today, we are going to find out how to get married? It is very funny that I don’t have a girlfriend now, but I found this topic far mathematical and interesting. Let’s use y = 1/x function this time.

X = a number of women you have attempted currently

1 = only one woman you get (we are not seeking two girlfirends, so let’s suppose just one.)

Y = the success (it could be a marriage rate)

Let’s graph y = 1/x.

Then, we will find a very interesting fact. If you try to date multiple women at once, it becomes zero success to get one woman.

y = 1/

You will loose limit rules. So, 1/will make y = 0.

According to the graph, your success level with an woman will skyrocket if you date one woman very gently. Mathematically the number will be around 0.0001 or could be 0.00001. If you attempt to an woman very gently (the number might be more close to 0), the woman will like you more. Let’s say 0.1 is a little aggressive and 0.01 is milder. Then, your success to date an woman goes skyrocket if your more gentle to woman. A lot of scholars claims that an woman like a gentle guy. This is proven by math. Based on the graph, we will not have a success if we chase multiple women at once.

What can we figure out if we pay attentions to negative values? If x is 2, this means that you are attempting two girls at once. If x is – 1, this means that you are attempting one man, which means that you are not seekingn an woman. The graph is very correct. If you date multiple guys, of course you won’t get an woman. The graph will be always negative or zero. What if x is – 0.0001? We can interpret this that you are gently attempting to one man. However, I have a different approach. If the x values get close to zero, this will say that you are almost seeking nobody.

Yes, this is true. Let’s pay attentions to the graph again. If x gets closer to zero, the graph become negative infinite. What does that mean that if y = – ∞? This means that there is no way you make a girlfriend. And why? It is due to the fact that you are not trying anything.

I learned a few things from this discussion. First, we should treat an woman gently. Second, we always play a fair game (one next one). Third, we should not isolate ourselves. As you know, I’m a mathematician. I still don’t know about a relationship well, but this discussion certainly gave me an idea of a relationship.


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