Human Discussion

Human Discussion

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Today we are going to discuss our life. Isn’t it interesting? I’m not going to talk about DNA but somewhat interesting, which is Big Bang. Today I’m not going to use a good math idea. All I’m going to do it to bring up simple functions.

Big Bang is proven well and a lot of scientists claim about Big Bang. According to scientists, Big Bang started from negative energy to positive energy. Let’s suppose x, y like this.

x = the time itself (before the big bang and after the big bang)

y = matters

First, let’s use the simplest function, which is y = x. This graph is linear and seems to work. The matters start from negative energies to positive energies.

Second, let’s use the second degree function, which is y = square x. The matters are always positive in this equation, so this function does not fit to Big Bang.

Third, let’s use the third degree function, which is y = cubic x. In this equation, the matters start from positive energies to negative energies. This fit to Big Bang.

Finally, let’s use the fourth degree function, which is y = xxxx. The matters are always positive in this equation, so this does not fit to Big Bang.

What do you see now? Do you see the person? Big Bang works to odd functions than even functions. My point is maybe you are an even person, but the most of our societies are formed with odd natures.

Let’s see the odd numbers.

1 = We all care ourselves first.

3 = We love the number 3. This is the most powerful number for writing and speaking.

5 = We have five fingers on one hand

7 = God’s number

9 = the last grade for a middle school / also the biggest one digit number

11 = one + one being married

13 = Another lucky number

15 = Crib the card game number

17 = The most curious age of being an adult

19 = Beinging an adult / also the number for Quran

21 = the average age for finishing the college


What about even numbers?

Even Numbers

2 = marriage

4 = meaning death in Asian cultures

6 = bad number

8 = ???

10 = tax 10%

12 = Jesus’ official apostles

14 = 7 + 7

16 =

I can’t even find much with even numbers.
What do you think?

Am I wrong?

Here is another thing about our odd natures.

– We live one time.

– The time goes at once. It does not stop or go back.

– There is always the first place.

– We live in one month base.

– We all are very competitive often.

– We are all designed to do one task each.

– Communications go one by one.

My argument is that there might be not much reasons with odd numbers or odd natures. However, for some reasons we seem to live in odd number bases. This discussion is not fully based on math but I want you to enjoy. I’m not trying to prove that I’m right this time. Thanks for reading.

Alex J. Kim


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