Forgiveness Discussion

Forgiveness Discussion with Mathematics

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

It was 2011 fall. I was in Glad Tidings around 5pm and we had prayer times. Some people prayed together and some others did not. I was not praying but meditating in scriptures. I began to realize that somebody was praying wrong. The lady was young and good-looking but she was using a prayer as a weapon. This is the prayer she did: “God, I want him to die. Please give him a pain…” When she was praying like that, I felt compassion to her. “She must have had a very hard time…” The reason why I give this anecdote to you is that I want to make you realize that hatred is not logical feeling you have. With math, I can prove that how incongruent hatred is. The proof will be done with discrete math.

Here is the proposition you hate someone.

p: I’m killing a person.

q: The person should die.

r: He is the only person I hate.

> q ^ r p

This means that I’m killing a person because the person sould die and he will be the only person I hate. This one seems to work out. Let’s see the other one.

Here is another proposition modified from the above.

x: There is a person should die.

y: I kill a person.

z: There is a person I hate.

> ⌐z ^ x → ⌐y

This means that I’m not killing the person because I do not hate that person although he is worthy to die. Does it make a sense?

As you see above, you will realize that it is very funny to hate one person really bad. A lot of bad people are in the world and that person you hate is not the only person. Please stop being mad at the person and forgive the person. I was like the one lady who prayed against someone. At that time, I thought that I will be so happy if a person I detest disappear. I decided to forgive the person. The proof is done with discrete math and let me know if you have any questions.

Alex J. Kim


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