The Forearm Workout Debate

Forearm Workouts

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Everybody wants to have strong forearms. The first news I give is a good news. If you use free-weight tools, you do forearm workouts. For example, you can get forearm strength with bench presses and deadlifts. The bad news is that you still need to do general forearm workouts.

First, I will tell you why your forearms are trained with free-weight workouts. Suppose that you do 200lbs bench presses with a regular bar. If you use a 2inch bar, you will bench press less than 200lbs in any reason. The requaired forearm strength with a regular bar and with a 2inch bar are different. This proves that your general free-weight workouts increase the forearm strength.

Second, I will explain why we need to train forearms apart too. Forearm strength with bench presses will be improved by bench presses and this will be only for bench press. Forearm strength with deadlifts will be enhanced by deadlifts and this will as well improve only grip strength for deadlifts. For that reason, you still need to workout your forearms. There are certain tools you can use, such as hand grippers, nail bendings, 2inch or 3inch bars, etc. Forearm workouts done with these methods will elevate your real life strength.

Why arm wrestlers still need to do weightlifting? Arm wrestlers will strengthen their forearms with a ton of workouts. However, they still need to workout their forearms with bench presses, deadlifts, etc. I will give you an example. Magnus Samuelsson is a super strong man who can close 365lbs hand grippers. Interestingly his 1mr bench press is less than 600lbs. There are certain people who perform 1000lbs bench presses, while these people still can not close even 280lbs hand grippers. Forearm workouts required with bench presses and other general forearm workouts are absolutely different. This proves why arm wrestlers still need to lift weights.

In conclusion, I will summon another interesting story. You know ‘Skull Crushers’, the most popular tricep workout. Bench press is a chest workout but also a tricep workout. Triceps built by bench press and tricep built by ‘Skull Crushers’ are completely different. Bench press will not super improve skull crushers and skull crushers will not super improve bench press either. It is due to the fact that the arm muscles used are different between the two exercises.

Thanks for reading and train hard. 🙂


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