Happiness with Math

Happiness with Math

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Today I’m going to prove that happiness is nothing to do with money. I will use calculus this time. Let’s scale happiness levels from 0 to 9. Let’s calibrate sadness levels from 0 to 9 as well. We are going to use very simple graphics this time.

First, I will introduce the happiness graph, y = x. Y is the happiness level and X is the money. I will lable this graph as f(x). This graph goes up straightly forwards, which means that the money increases the level of happiness.

Second, I will bring up the sadness graph, y = -x. Y is the sadness level and x is the money. I will lable this graph as g(x). This graph goes down straightly, but the meaning of the graph is the same. Because sadness levels go down to negative numbers, this explain that money decreases the level of sadness.

This time I’m going to combine each graphics and show you a very exciting fact. Graph f(x) = x is a happiness graph. Graph g(x) = -x is a sadness graph.

f(g(x)) = – f(x) which is – x

g(f(x)) = f(-x) which is – x

As you see, the two different graphics combined one another lower down y values although you are making money. This one shows an error. What these two new graphics tell is that the level of happiness going down according to the amount of the money and the level of sadness going down according to the amount of the money, which is an error.

I will simplify this more. Remember the first graph f(x)? From this equation, happiness rises according to the money. Graph g(x) shows that sadness goes down according to the money. There is no error from the first two graphics. However, the second two combined graphics show the clear error. Those two new combined graphics differ from each other. They say that money decreases the level of happiness and the level of sadness, which is an error.

From this equation, we can learn that money is not the source of happiness. God created math and math tells us our life. That is why I live in math. Math is great and it can explain everything about our lives. Thanks so much.

Alex J. Kim


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