Workout Discussion

The Weightlifting Discussion

This is just a workout discussion.

These are not my words.

The most people do weightlifting whether they are involved in sports or not. Weightlifting is probably the most fundamental workout people initiate no matter who they are. Today we are going to discuss how to exercise better and this is proved with mathematical conclusions and real experiments.

Before I initiate the discussion, I’m going to explain a triangle briefly. The triangle I’m going to introduce is a right triangle, which is a triangle with a right angle. The bottom part of a right triangle is called ‘base.’ The side of a right triangle is called ‘leg.’ The slope is called ‘hypotenuse.’ I’m going to summon this right angle for the workout discussion.

The first exercise we are going to discuss is curling. This is the simplest and most popular exercise people do. You might use barbells or dumbbells for this workout. There is an error with standing barbell curls. When you do standing barbell curls, you will not be able to build ‘base’ movements although you are still making a triangle movement. In other words, you are going to make ‘a zero base.’ On the other hand, you will have a base if you do curling on the curling pad. You will add a base by curling on the pad. The base movements will be counted approximately 0.0001 something like that. However, the thing is that you still have a base although it is not moving. It is not zero if you use mathematical limit formulas. The weight and the gravity will be effecting the weight vertically, which means the leg of a right triangle will be the weight and the gravity. The mathematical conclusion ends in this point now. Your curling movements will create the hypotenuse. Square Base + Square Leg = Square Hypotenuse. For this reason, you will have more effective and powerful curls by using the pad. A dumbbell will be better because it creates the better angle. If you can do standing barbell curls with 70lbs, use 40lbs for the curling on the pad.

The second part, we are going to discuss the difference between barbell lunges and squats. When you do barbell lunges, you create a perfect right triangle. The gravity and the weight will form the leg of a right triangle. Your lunge movements will create the base of a right triangle. The entire work of the workouts will determine the hypotenuse, which is the slope of a right triangle. As you see that, lunges completely make a right triangle and great muscles. Let’s discuss squats and see why squats are less effective. Squats form the leg, formed with the gravity and the weight. The work hypotenuse is formed too with squart movements. However, you do not form the base, which means zero base. The equation will be like this: square leg + zero = hypotenuse. This will be a completely line, which is not a triangle of course.

A lot of body builders do not perform squats but all of the body builders never skip leg presses. Why so? It is because of the fact that leg presses are more effective than back squats. There are two sorts of leg press machines: pressing backwards ones and pressing forwards ones. Pressing backwards ones are machines that press your seat when you press weight. Pressing forwards ones are machines you press the weight forwards. First, we are going to discuss how to do pressing backwards leg press machines because they are very common nowdays. Basically, the base of a triangle will be your leg movement and the gravity will form the leg. The hypotenuse of a triangle will be the work. Then, how can we improve the work? There are two ways to improve the work. Improving the base by maximum leg movements; you can set the seat closest to the leg pad. The second will be very interesting. You will increase the vertical power which is the gravity. Simply, you hold weights and do leg presses. This will be the equation: increased square base + increased square leg = increased square hypotenuse. This will completely explain the benefits when you do perform backwards leg press machines. How to do better forward leg press machines? As I said above, use deeper motions, which form the base of a triangle. Then, try to press the upper part of the foot pad to increase the angle. In this way, you will increase the work, which will form ‘hypotenuse.’

In conclusion, you will be a lot stronger practically by this way. I have not found mathematical relationships with resistance bands or hand grippers. One thing I can clarify about them is that they do not use the gravity, so hard to predict the movements. That is why you are not getting stronger faster with those tools. They are different from lifting weights. Well… thanks for everything and I will do further exercise discussion.


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