God’s Signs

Signs of the Creator

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

In the beginning, there was God and he was with Words. Then, they created galaxy. There are Father God, the Word (Jesus), and Sir Holy Spirit. You will know this although you are not Christian because this is a fact. Nations began to rise after the Babel Tower incident. So, I can prove Bible if I show that the whole mankinds were from the same root. Bible is a history book. The difference between Christianity and other religions is that Christian people believe in Jesus as our Saviour. The discussion today is not about Christianity. Today, we are going to go through the evidences of our Creator.

First, we all share the same number systems. We have numbers from 0 to 9. This system exists in the whole different countries. Is there any country uses 1 as two or 7 as zero? This explains that we were one and still one.

Second, we all share the same vocabularies. Type some global dictionaries. You will find something interesting. We speak different langauges but use the same meanings. You can type any words you want to know and will find the meanings from international dictionaries on line. This explains that we were from the same root.

Third, this one is very interesting one. We all share the same musical scriputres. We are from different countries and create unique music based on our cultures. Nonetheless, we share the same music codes. Isn’t it interesting?

Fourth, we shares the same data bases for life. We utilize the same monthly, yearly, and timely systems. This explains that our forefathers created these systems and became universal.

Fifth, this one is very unique one from others above. We all have names. Our first name is given by parents and last name is granted by forefathers. The importances of having name are two things. First, we are assigned to do something who has created us. Second, we are from each different tribes but one. The reason why name is important is that the whole countries share the same name systems: first name and last name.

Finally, we all human beings have the same lists of our classes. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, prists, etc. are everywhere in the whole world. Dentists are not just in North America. They are in Africa too. They are in Asia too. The word ‘Prime Minister’ in Canada is different from the word ‘Prime Minister’ in United States. In Canada, Prime Minister means President. The reason for bringing this up is that the class President prevails in the whole different countries although the words mean different.

In conclusion, Bible is real and can be proved more by shwing Barbel Tower incident. Nations began to introduce after human beings did such a stupid thing. If you agree that we are from the same root, this will explain that Barbel Tower incident is real. Thanks for the reading.


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