The Aliens Debate

The Aliens Debate

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

God Father created Earth and living creatures. Dinosarus are clearly mentioned in Bible. Bible does tell that the whole living creatures from humans to dinosarus are created. Each book of Bible describe the appearances of different dinosarus.

Who are aliens? A lot of non-believers claim that there are aliens and they have created human beings. Although I do believe in aliens, I do not believe in aliens because Bible is the history book of the Earth. Bible does not inform about other creatures than creatures on Earth. For that reason, aliens are not the creature of God, whose creatrues are us. Aliens are maybe creatures, who has been created for a long time by themselves.

The official media tells us that there are no other intellectual creatures on universes. What this means is that they have not found any other planets where any other creatures are living, but they do acknowledge thtat there are other creatures on the universes.

A lot of scientists claim that it is not unusual to hear the sounds of spaceships in universes. When the rocket drivers depart Earth and enter into Milky Way, they observe some lights and get scared with unusual sounds. A lot of rocket drivers already has claimed this kind of experiences. Aliens often visit planets on Milky Ways and those are proved by NASA employees. NASA eimployees have a lot of photographics of weird lights on plates in Milky Way.

We can not deny that there is nothing else because of the fact that we have not found anything. As you see that, each planet has an unique weather and a nature. Nobody lives there but those planets have some qualities like us. We can not deny them because we can not see them.

Bible mentions about Sun and Moon. A lot of Bible clearly explains that God has created Sun, Moon, and stars. Since Bible informs us that Sun, Moon, and Stars are created by God, we will know that aliens has not created Sun, Moon, and stars.

The reason why we can not see aliens are because of the boundaries between God and aliens. God has created Earth and Milky Way, while aliens are created very far from us. This explains that aliens are coming into Milky Way to see God’s creatures. They are scared of God and for that reason we are not seeing aliens because of God’s protection.

Aliens are not our friends as you see. A lot of aliens kidnap human beings and do some researches. If they are our creators, they do not need to do these things. I do not know that some aliens are working with USA scientists in Area 51, I think those aliens are probably human-looking ones.

This is my conclusion about an alien debate. As a Christian, I want to believe that God is God of the whole universes, but I do admit that there are certain creatures which are not created by him. I have not found any Bible verses mentioning aliens. Aliens can be God but they are not because they have not created anything above us. God has created us and Milky Way. Bible does not talk about aliens but also claims that God created Galaxy too. This explains how far the terrortories of aliens from us. Based on these verses, we can conclude that aliens are very very far away from us and they are not our creators because they have not created anything above us.

Thanks for reading and let’s pray.

Alex Kim


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