School Discussion

New Approach to the Current Education System

Alex Kim

Victoria, British Columbia

This is just an essay propsing the new education system.

This is just my opinion.

These are not my words.

We British Columbia has a great education system, but recently our local teachers champion against the current education system of British Columbia. They have been striking over a month through September 14, 2014, which is today. Although a lot of young students protested for their right to learn against local teachers, the local teachers do not seem to move their hearts to teach these promising teenagers. I Alex Kim expected the striking will be over by the time when I finish my a month Korean trip. When I came back, I was hugely disappointed because of the ignorance of local teachers in their essential services. I found a solution which can balance the debate between local teachers and governments. There are consequences of the arbitration, the arbitration may be definite through the decisions of following people, and there are certain actions to operate the arbitration smoothly.

First, there are dramatic results of the arbitration. Since 2010, we British Columbia has gone through three different strikings until today, which is 2014. In sequence, post officers, bus drivers, and teachers have been striking. This is very ridiclous because four groups of essential service employees has been striking in four years. This suggets that we will go through more rapid strikings of other essential service workers. If BC local teachers receive their objectivies, other groups of local employees will squeeze governments over and over, which means our pockets. This will keep causing more strikings repeatedly. According to the public research, local teachers earn 4,000 CAD to 8,000 CAD per month. I Alex Kim do not deem that the arbitration is necessary. As well, we will pay more taxes because governments will need more capitals to run the country suitably and abundantly. Since the arbitration costs higher capital levels, we will not receive full supports from governemnt because I Alex Kim believe the ratio of the arbitration and the capitals of governments will be still less balanced. These are the inevitable followings of the arbitration.

Second, those following groups can determine the approval of the arbitration. The groups consist of parents, teachers, and politicians. Parents are the most relevant people to vote because they are the ones taking care of their children. The voices of parents will be the most important parts to close this education debate. The second most significant group for this debate will be teachers. Due to the fact that they are the ones educating children, teachers have right to vote for this education debate. The last group to decide the approbation of the arbitration is politicians. This group will be the hardest ones to make decisions because they should be able to balance between parents and teachers. If those groups mentioned above vote carefully, we will solve the education debate.

Third, in order to launch the perfect arbitration, thoses three cooperations should be embraced. The first example is summer school. I Alex Kim believes this is a great idea to enhance the education levels of children who are just about to catch up the class. The job of teachers is not speaking or reading; it is to educate. If schools open summer schools for children, and the intelligence levels of children will augment. This will be very great for their parents. Besides, teachers can be on duties for more different services. I Alex Kim do not have the whole concepts for this. I might illustrate this with summer gym classes for obesessed children, volunteer trainings, social classes, etc. If you have more opinions, you are welcome to talk to your MP. Moreover, local schools should necessitate parents to pay schools. By the cooperation of governments, schools, and parents, BC local school wil be very ideal. Can you imagine that these three work together? We are going to have the greatest education system in the whole world. These are recommended coordinations to initiate the arbitration fluently.

In summary, the arbitration will entail three major outcomes, three main groups can debate the best decisions, and the partnership of the three groups can keep up the arbitration completely. I Alex Kim know how hard teaching is, but striking is not right. We are in information history. We can convince anyone and anytime. To close, I want to say something to you teachers. If you die and see Jesus before you anticipated, what are you going to say to Jesus?



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