Prayer Discussion

Prayer Discussion

This is just a discussion.

These are not my words.

Prayer is communication, bless, and offering.

First, we pray alone. When we pray alone, we can be completely honest to God. We can ask what we want and what we have done. We ask God so many things about our life. And, God always answers the prayer. He give us visions, thoughts, and some specific incidents. Your brain sees some pictures, hears some words, and get into some incidents. For example, you will see a butterfly flying in your vision when you pray about grandmother to know whether she is in Heaven or not. Or you are praying to choose a right church for yourself and you hear a word ‘Lambrick Park Church.’ Sometimes your friend call you and give you a message. Prayer anwers this way.

Second, prayer is blessing. You will pray for your family, friends, and strangers. Pour over blessing to as many people as you can. Though blessing, you pour out love to people. If you want to help them, you go and help them. And, you always start praying first and be with them. Remember that prayer is blessing. God loves those kinds of prayer. You can even pray together with others. That prayer will be very powerful and God loves that.

Third, pryaer is an offering. You burn your cows and offer to God to praise him or to offer sin offerings. You’ve got to repent and burn offering to God through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the burn offering. Through him, we can offer God sin offerings. We also provide God worship offerings. As well, we do this through Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, there is a right principle for successful prayer. You humble yourself to God, and be completely honest, and show you are desperate with that. Also you often sin offerings for others, which means you forgive them. God will love this.


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