IS Discussion

Discussion about IS

This is just an essay.

These are not my words.

Nowdays, IS are very threatening and devastating. This group is very huge and the whole countries are undergoing the fear of IS. We can go through the three things to solve this terrorism issue: the source of their weapons, their invasions, and their living sources.

We should stop them obtaining weapons continuosly. IS seems to get weapons from certain places. They might buy weapons or create weapons. What if they create weapons? Although they create weapons, there are two more things to discuss. Where do they obtain materials? They might trade materials or find materials. The second thing to go through is who the customers are? IS members who are unidentified might transact weapons or materials. If we find out the place supporting the weapons of IS and the customers, we can definitely stop IS. Automatically, we will find the channels of their money too by finding the secret trade places and the customers.

Second, we should prevent their coming to another country. There are two ways they can come into another country. First, they can use private transportations. Second, they can use public transportations. Then, how do they bring weapons? If they use private transportations, they can bring there weapons easily. The problem is the second part. What if they can bring weapons through public transportations? This means that there are certain countries tolerationg the terrorists to bring the weapons into another country. I believe that we have the best security services in any airports. To improve security services is not my opinion. There is no way for them to bring the weapons through public transporations. My recommendation is to track unknown transportations that could belong to the terrorrists.

Third, we should track down their bases. IS terrorists are human beings too. They do need foods. Where the hack do they obtain foods? Do they have farms? I don’t think they have farms. They might buy foods. Then, where can they buy foods? And who are the customers? If we track down these two things, we might be able to get IS and their bases. They even need water. Where do they get water? It is impossible to support them without other power behind them. Let’s talk about their battle clothes. Where do they create such professional garments? If we consider those things I’ve discussed above, we will be able to find the bases of IS.

As we discussed from above, we’ve got to scrutinize the three important factors: their weapon sources, their entering, and their essential cares. If we focus on those three points, we will be able to wipe out IS. Those people are murders and misuse the name of God.


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