Super Brain

Super brain
; Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi

This is just a summary of a book.
These are not my words.

1. Life is a creation.
2. Use your brain.  Do not let the brain use you.
3. We need to recall experiences, information, and creations.
4. If you want to know what your thoughts were like in the past, look at your body today.  If you want to know what your body will be like in the future, look at your thoughts today.
5. Even heavily brain-damaged people get honoured degrees.  Does a brain actually necessary?
6. Workout your brain.
7. Genes change according to diets, activities, relationships, etc.
8. One can not remember what one never learned.
9. The brain never ages.
10. Your memory is related to your emotion or passion.
11. You are not your brain; you are much more.
12. Physical exercise helps your brain improved.
13. Phobia is not yours; it is a chemical disorder.
14. Memorize and study regularly.
15. Be flexible in thinking with calmness and control your habits.
16. Learning never ends.
17. Be a newborn baby.
18. To be human is to be conscious.
19. Live with no boundaries.
20. Use your brain instead of letting it use you.
22. Get the controls over the stress.
23. Build healthy activities and routines.
24. Physical exercise and learning new things con reproduce nerve cells.
25. You are not your brain.
ex) Sugar is sweet for those who do not have wrong tastes.
26. Your brain is not the creator but a translational tool.  The real creator is mind.
27. Your brain always like something new.  You will not like hamburgers for five nights in a row.
28. It is god to be aware, but self-awareness is even better.
ex) I’m angry and knowing where the anger comes fro is self-awareness.
29. Unconsciousness: In this case, the emotions are in control.
30. You must use your emotions to empower your passion for reaching personal goals.
31. Blocks to your awareness
– stereotype
– passing over decisions and deeds
– being sheltered
– narrow assumptions
– being a coward
32. Keep questioning yourself.
33. What you see, you can change.  What you can’t see will continue toe be with you.
34. A brain is just an organ.  Mind isn’t.
35. Emotions have names like envy, jealousy, and pride.
Instinctive: I’m hungry.
Emotional: Banana cream pie would taste good.
Intellectual: Can I afford the calories?
37. We live in continuous learnings.
38. Intellect never operates in isolation but is blended with emotions and instinct.
39. We can not control emotions.
40. Intuition can be trusted.
41. We need empty over blame or derision.
Examine why it is good to be a victim.  (Don’t do meaningless sacrifices.)
Develop a mature self.  (To mature is a choice.)
Do not give your power to others.
43. Your brain gradually decay in exciting challenges.
44. Choosing to grow automatically means that you are facing into the unknown.
45. Without evolution, there would be no path, only aimless wandering.
46. We determine our own realities.
47. Do not expect someone else can make you happy.
48. Building skills and physicalities are very important.
49. Use your brain completely with the integration of every aspect.
50. Rest enough.
51. Avoid toxic substances like alcohol and nicotine.
52. Avoid overeating; don’t smoke; eat healthy foods.
53. Whenever a cell ages, you age.
54. The life of the cell demands constant nutritions.
55. Cells are always dynamic – they die if they get stuck.
56. Resilience is very important.
57. Achieving wisdom is a lifetime project.
58. You must live longer to obtain more wisdom.
59. Myth can become reality if you find the right path.
60. Emotions are nothing to do with yourself.
61. We can improve more than five basic senses.
62. If you are conscious, you can change everything.
63. New experiences for better life
64. Well-being is created by at the subtle level.
65. Add purity to your life.
66. If you can master your brain, you can master your reality.
67. It is impossible for the brain to create consciousness.


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