Study Hard in Order to Live

Study Hard in Order to Live
; Lee, Seehyung


This is just a summary of a book.


  1. Study unofficially subjects which are not in college.
  2. To be creative, we need to study.
  3. Study smart and not hard.
  4. Studying is a permanent action.
  5. Study creatively.
  6. Creation does not emerge from zero but information and experiences.
  7. 3 days studying for beginners
  8. Don’t be afraid of failures. Keep undergoing exams.
  9. Use what you have studied.
  10. Find classes and experts too when you study.
  11. Physical exercises are very important to study well.
  12. Have a very effective break.
  13. Your brain likes new things, decent adventures, and accomplishments.
  14. To study is an activity which is good for your purpose. Otherwise, that is not studying.
  15. A half-hour is a set of studying.
  16. Benchmarks are the first steps of learning.
  17. Questions are endless.
  18. Put a lot of information to your brain.
  19. Language is the most important thing.
  20. Print out your information and this will help you to absorb it.
  21. You have to set a goal why you have to study the subject.
  22. Your brain determines your body, so be very careful.
  23. Be an early bird.
  24. Dawn time sleeping is not necessary.
  25. Seep in a set. A lot of great people do that.
  26. Review is essential.
  27. Uniqueness is the real game.
  28. Your company’s problem is your problem.
  29. Practice what you have learned.

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