50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

This is a summary of a book.

These are not my words.

; Robert B. Cialdini

; Noah J. Goldstein

; Steve J. Martin

[The beginning]

Persuasion is a method of leading the person as you ways.

People respect written words.  For example, there is a card saying, “please reuse your towels” in a hotel.  The most of the hotel clients respect that.

The ways of languages stimulate the hearts of customers.  For example, companies uses saying like “the tellers are very busy, so please be waited.”  This can be simplified like this “the tellers are waiting for you.”  They are not actually busy.

We tend to follow other people.  There is an experiment for this.  When more than one person looked above the sky in the middle of a street, people followed them, who are four people.

The hotel card example above can be applied like this: “please reuse your towels for our environment protection plans.”  This can improve the co operations of people a lot.”

Alex Kim believes that he can emphasize the popularity of certain products when he works for a retail business.”

When you persuade people, mention about similar people to them.  They will more listen to you.

If you make a warning sign, people will not follow it because the sign implies that a lot of people already ignore the sign.  Instead, you can make people that not many people try to still lumbers.  Then, people will not try to steal lumbers because they feel they are criminal if they do that.

People have tendencies to adjust themselves close to the average.  If you use more energies at home, you will try to reduce.  If you use less energies, you will try to increase.  Here is a solution for this.  The scientist put sad marks to over-energy consuming dwellers and smile marks to less-energy consuming dwellers.  The result is amazing.  The both of the dwellers has maintained less energy consumption.

If you give a lot of options to your customer, your customers will be confused and walk away.  If you make too many different products of one kind, you will loose your customers.

Companies often provide free services or products to customers.  People will like them but will neglect their values.  For that reason, you should speak like this: “this is a free system security program for you, which is 300 CAD.”  Don’t say like this: “use this system security program for free.”

Customers find decent products, which are inexpensive and good.  Here is an example. Williams-Sonoma invented new kitchen products.  After that, he sold out the previous best kitchen products.  Why? It is because the nature of customers.

When you persuade someone, show the one two options.  The first one is very bad, while the second one is too good.  The one will choose a decent one.

When you persuade someone, inform the bad result if he or she does not carry on you opinion.  I Alex Kim believes this is a good way to convert people into Christianity.

If you give someone, the one gives you back.

There is a power of a note.  When you initiate surveys from people, stick a note saying “thanks” to your survey paper.  People will write surveys very well.

In a restaurant, servers give you chocolates or candies with the bill.  You pay more tips because you feel receiving something.

Instead of asking cooperation, inform customers that you are already supporting non-profit organization.  Then, ask cooperation from your customers.

Use contrast for selling.

People tend to finish something if they start.  If you make someone or yourself start something, possibly both or you will finish.  I Alex Kim believe in this too.

Nothing can destroy cooperation.

Start with a small product, service, or survey.

There is a strategy called labeling.  For example, you can give survey handouts labeled as the opinions of good human beings.  Or you can tell someone that he is a very tough person and help you something like that.

Make them say; then, they will do it.  For instance, if you ask someone whether to vote or not, the person will say yes, which means they will really do it.  A lot of people know the importance of voting but do not vote.  As you see, this is very powerful to control someone.

There is a power of writing down.  For example, you can make your employees write down their goals.  You can also hand out volunteer applications to improve the percentage of the actual volunteers.

Do not use flatteries.

Let them know that their tiny helps can be very helpful.  Here is an example.  You are gathering donations from people.  You say that coins can be helpful too.  You will double donations.

Price the products or possessions in high.  People are pretty irrational.

Emphasize good things of average people when you change people.

People become connected with sameness.  For example, same birthdays, hometowns, names, schools, etc.

Name is very powerful.  You can use different nominations for each different project or person.  Make them similar to your target.

Restaurant servers repeat what the orders they received from the customers.  This is a great way to get more tips.  You can apply this for customer services too.  If your customer says that she is very upset, you will say that you are sorry for hearing that she is upset.  Then, you will tell her if there is anything you can do for her.”

Advertise you little flaws.  A lot of companies have benefited in this way.

“We confess small flaws to prove that we have not made big mistakes.”

When you advertise something, you should say small flaws and advantages.  Then, the customers will connect small flaws and big benefits.

When you train someone, you’ve got to teach them to avoid the previous mistakes.

Admit your faults.

If you want to impart a piece of information to someone, you should mention the uniqueness of the information.

When people are about to loose what they have, they become very sensitive.  This fact is very effective to persuade someone.  You can emphasizing someone that he or she is loosing something.

“Because” has a strong power.

Ask one reason.  You don’t need to get more than one reason.

Simplification is very prevailing.  People remember simplified names of companies.

Poetic sentences have power to attract people.

You have to make yourself known through others rather than by yourself.  It seems to be a question to Alex Kim myself.  The displays of your licenses, certificates, or degrees seem to be helpful to reveal yourself.

Sometimes you need to take a risk of yourself to champion against your leaders.  Why so?  It is because sometimes we need to lessen risks of others or your companies.

Listen to the opinions of your opposites.

When you appeal your products or services to others, nominate them in unique ways.  The customers will like them even if they are ordinary.

Why companies give name tags to their employees?  It is due to the fact that employes work better.  Here is an example.  We know how we look like through mirrors.  If you see yourself stealing something through a mirror, you will not steal them because you look like a thief through the mirror.  As this example, we can learn something that mirrors make us realize what we are.  I Alex Kim believes that we can correct people’s behaviors with this.

People who shop alone are in depression sometimes.  You can take advantages from these people because they are willing to buy expensive products.

We can make our customers irrational upon their feelings.  I Alex Kim do not like this way but believe that we can protect those kinds of customers from artful sellers.  I strongly advise you people to caution attractive female sellers, men.

The book says that the best torture is to let them not sleep.  By this torture, soldiers surrender often.  I Alex Kim do not know what the author teaches from this example.  The author also explains that people can be irrational easily with certain methods.  For example, you can say that the cakes are free if their tastes are nasty.

Coffee has a power to persuade a customer according to the author.

Internet communication has a limitation.  Alex Kim myself acknowledge this point.

There are twos ways of marketing.  The one is a website, and another one is a photographic.

Do not take advantages of others.  You will loose everything anyway.

Summarized by Alex Kim


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