Influence Quick Review

; Robert B. Cialdini

This is a summary of a book.
These are not my words.

When you persuade, add “because.”

When you sell something, increase prices more.

I don’t think honest people can be successful business men.

To contrast is a good way to persuade.

For example, it is better to suggest expensive clothes first for customers.

You can use opposite too.  Show inferior to superior.

Emphasize a quick way too.

People can be easily inclined to quicker ways too.

Give and take.

To buy a friendship is possible.

Friendly and giving donation asks are more successful.

Successful politicians are generous to other politicians.

Giving samples are essential for starting business.

Do not give bribes.

You can receive a return later.  I think I can save the return and receive it when I really need it.

Ask a little bit exaggerated thing first; then, ask the smaller one, which is real.

The book also teaches that sometimes you must not reveal the purposes.

Return a favor with a favor (not with a trickery)

A lot of companies disguise themselves as non-profit companies.  They provide a lot of free services.  Then, they recommend their products.

This is a tendency of people when they do horse gambles.  After they purchase their tickets for their horses, they more believe that their horse will win.

This is an experiment.  People got a first set, which is designed to see how many people protect somebody’s belongings.  Not many people tried to take their risks to protect the belongings.  Then, other people got a second set, which is designed to see how many people react when they are asked to protect belongings of oneself.  During the second set, the most of people protected the belongings.

There is always a criticism.  Acknowledge it and be generous to it.  Don’t be too perfect because you can look more suspicious and bring more people who want to find a flaw.

If kids desire some toys, they keep asking the toys until they get the toys.  We are same too. If we desire something, we still wait until we get them even though we still get similar things.

The first purpose is to bring a customer.  Then, you will sell a cheap product.  Then, your customers will buy more expensive products.

A written document has a power to persuade people.

According an experiment from the book, raising hands for decisions do not present people opportunities to make fair judgments.  The best way is a closed vote.

When people get appointments, they usually mention customers to call them back in regard of changing or canceling the appointments.  Instead, ask customers to answer a question immediately whether they are going to phone or not in case of changing or canceling the appointments.

There is an example.  In a newspaper, there is a concert.  Since the ticket price is not mentioned, people call the company and figure out the price of the ticket.  Ironically, more people attend the concert although there are strenuous processes from finding out the ticket price to obtaining the ticket.

Throwing low balls is a strategy which is motivating people with very tiny products.  Even if they do not get the returns, they still maintain their new conditions.

Be careful sexy female workers.  They ask you a bunch of questions, which will be used to trap you to buy some products.  After you answer the questions, it might be too late to cancel because you may not want to look cheap to them.  Of course you can use this trick to get more clients.

If you are tricked by a business, walk away.

When you make a decision, think like that.  “If I go back to this moment again, would I make the same decision?”

We tend to look at other people when we make new decisions.

Restaurants or bars prepare jars filled with money before opening the business because people will believe that they should tip there.

Even movies can control people.

According to Sylvan Goldman, people stop shopping when their shopping baskets are full.  He also proved that people’s decisions are relative, which is that their due ions are not absolute.  Mr. Goldman hired some people to go to his market, and immediately a lot of people followed the people Goldman hired.

If there are a lot of people around one needing helps on the street, people become feel less responsibilities because they think others will help the one.

When people feel responsibilities, they do that.

If you need a help, ask a hep from a person or people.  That is the best way to get helps.  You can specify a sort of a help.  Indicate a person; for example, “the person wearing a blue jacket, help me.”

Corporations often use normal people to advertise their products.  This way is very effective to convince people to buy the products.  There is a similar example.  There is an woman who is asking donations from a person.  She says to the stranger that she goes to the same school with stranger.  The stranger donates to the woman.  There is another similar example.  This is an anecdote of one salesperson.  He visits each house and sells Christian books.  When he sells the books, he often lists the buyers of the books.  In fact, there is his strategy. He lists male buyers to male customers, female buyers to female customers, housewives to housewives, couples to couples.  In that way, he increased his sales a lot.

If a newspaper posts one’s suicide, the subside rate of people increase.  The reason is simple.  People believe that it can be possible to them too.

Similar people follow each other.  High school students follow high school students, post officers follow post officers, etc.

Here is a story of People’s Temple and the leader Jim Jones.  He started mission around California.  One day, he moved to jungles in South America.  This is not a good example of leadership but illustrates the power of influences greatly.  One day, Jones ordered people to suicide by drinking poisons.  Over 900 people suicided like that.  How could he do this?  That is because he knew the power of influences.  The believers were isolated and with uncertainty.  For that reason, they believed Jones’ order seemed to be right.

Advertisements with normal people do not exist.  These people are all fakes.

The rate or percentage for gambles or investments is real but can be controlled, so it is not trustworthy.

We easily help our friends or close people when they ask.

There is halo effect, which is that we people see very in good ways with their one good point.  In our societies, physical appearances influence a lot.

Common sense are very effective to connect people.  People easily become friends with those.  Moreover, similar dressing codes connect people too.  For instance, you can ask a help from a person dressed similarly to you.  Here is an example of using common senses.  You are selling a car and you figure out that the customer often camp,  you can recommend a car which is good for camping.

Praise is a definitely good way to get a friendship.

There are a lot of different buttons too.  One political candidate was unpopular and changed his last name as Brown.  Then, he won.  A lot of people vote for names they know.

People feel pleasant to people who show up on tv regularly.

There is a camping test.  Mr. Sherif divided kids into two groups.  They both named their groups.  They became so competitive and hostile each other.  Sherif found easy to estrange people each other.  Mr. Sherif found difficulty to reconcilable these two groups.  Accidentally, through cooperation, the two groups became friends.

There is a strategy called “good cop and bad cop.”  When a suspect comes, police officers acts as friendly cops and scary cops.”  Of course, they choose their characters.  A lot of suspects confess in this strategy.

Attractive females can be effectively utilized to vehicle advertisements.  Viewers think the cars with beautiful models look appealing.

There is power of credit cards.  People pay more tips with credit cards in restaurants.  They even donate if it is possible with credit cards.  Ironically, they donate by cash, which means the logo saying credit cards possible affected the donators.

A lot of corporations advertise themselves with our cultures.  For example, they demonstrate that they support Space Programs, Olympic, FIFA, etc.

People often become attracted to sale signs.  They are also drawn to products or services advertised with celebrities.

Presentation with dinner is very successful to encourage people to accede.  They will not much remember your presentation but will support you.

People are very serious about sports.  If their regions or counties loose, they became distressed.

People often use “we” or “us” to connect to another or others.

You can mention preeminent people to others.  You can say you’re from the same hometown with Steven Harper.  You can say you went to the same high school as Bread Pitt.

If you like the seller much, prepare protections from him, for he is very skillful.

Repeated meeting with someone increases the successful persuasion.

We obey authorities.  Even if you don’t, they will do all the time.

Actors, especially ones who have acted authorities characters, are useful to trigger people to like the advertised products.

In our society, rank and height are very important.

Be careful.  Although there is a highly educated or ranked person, this person will obey the authority, who is an older one.

Garments are very important too.  People like well-dressed one.  Be very careful those people.  Do not trust people with their dress codes because you can be deceived.  You’ve got to test people before you believe them.

Even a waiter or a waitress has an authority in a restaurant.  They don’t lie but lead customers to more expensive foods.

There is a temple example.  Mr. Cialdini was traveling around a temple.  He was not interested in traveling the temple but liked seeing the beauty of areas around the temple.  One day, a newspaper posted that a normal person can enter the temple for a while, which has only accesses to the believers.  After reading the post, Mr. Cialndi wanted to see the inside of the temple.

Limited selling is a great way to attract customers.  Be careful that sometimes sellers lie to you so that you will buy more numbers of the same product.  They emphasize that not many numbers of the specified product are in the store.

Only this time contact, business, and transaction are very useful to press customers to agree.

People tend to try to achieve freedoms.  “Romeo and Juliet” is a good example of this.  If they are not in hostilely opposite families, they would not love that passionately.

People like to obtain forbidden products or unique items.

People even desire to get a piece of forbidden information.  This is a pertinent example of this.  A beef company owner told his workers to say this to customers that beefs are in shortage and the reasons are related to secret agencies.  After that, the young beef company owner profited a lot.

Mr. Cialdini states that a little or little freedoms are very dangerous due to one nature of people, which is a desire of freedoms.

People tend to struggle to protect their possessions.

Sometimes you should know yourself whether this auction is necessary or not.

There is an ordinary person Richard, whom Alex Kim myself call him as Dick.  He posted his car on a website and set appointments at the same time.  The potential buyers competed each other.

There is a very good example of one nasty seller.  The seller offered sample juices to a customer.  The customer liked it but refused to buy.  After that, the seller said that this is the only time for buying this because it is a Brazil product.  Suddenly, the customer bought that and realized the trap.

Do not avoid.  Fight back with your logic and lessons you have learned from this book.

Summarized by Alex Kim


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