Superhuman Mind

Superhuman Mind
; Berit Brogaard and Kristian Marlow

This is just a summary of a book.
These are not my words.

1. Synesthesia can be a basic building block of potential super mind ability.
2. Learn algorithms.
3. Ingenious or superhuman abilities lie dormant in all of us, and they can be activated and whipped into shape.
4. Be an inventor.
5. Extraordinary talent is grounded in obsession and consequent training.
6. Learn prediction.
7. Solving word and number problems is a task for our conscious mind, which makes mistakes when it uses shortcuts, where as planning for complicated physical actions like co-ordinating the movement necessary to catch a ball or pick up a cup is a task for our unconscious mind, which also uses shortcuts yet is not error-prone.
8. You’ve got to turn on and off certain arts of your brain in order to perform superb activities.
9. Methods of sleeping varies.
10. Lucid dreaming is a hybrid state that that is characterized by both waking and dreaming consciousness.
11. Make a dream journal.
12. To overcome a fear, you have to keep imagine that.
13. There are drugs to improve your brain: adderall, adrafinil, and psilocybin


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