You Are Not Your Brain

You are not your brain
by Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding

This is just a summary of a book.
These are not my words.

1. It is normal that you feel sad because of the death of your friend, whereas it is not normal that you feel sad because you think no one loves you.
2. Do not repetitively think of something which has no solutions.
3. The brain is passive, while the mind is active.
4. Your feeling is not yours until you label them.
5. Do not feel the problems but see them.
6. If your desires are harmful, do not try to do them.
7. If you start, they become habits.
8. Stresses cause bad habits.
9. Assess your brain when you encounter social problems so that you can understand why others hurt you.
10. Make healthy habits.
11. Ignoring the pain is only effective for a short term.
12. Define the sources of your stresses.
13. You can change your negative thoughts.  It is about your actions and not thoughts.
14. Your brain is operating with chemicals, while your mind is working with yourself.
15. Mindfulness comes from calmness.
16. Relebale your negative thoughts.
X. 1-900-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Hotline
17. Be honest to relebale your negative thoughts.
18. Being alone is a social pain.
19. You can’t change your past.  You can change yourself from the mistaking.
20.God, Jesus, or angels live in your brain.  In science, they are called “Wise Advocates.”
21. Do not have inaccurate expectations.
22. Do not avoid the problems.
23. Do it from the least distressing activities to the most distressing ones.
24. Make gratitude lists.
25. Your feeling is not yours.  The brain triggers you in that way.  When it comes, re-evaluate your circumstances broadly.  Understand why your brian triggers the feeling.
26. You are not a victim.  Appreciate.
27. “How would another person react to the situation?”


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