The Will to Win

The Will to Win
; Robert Herjavec

This is just a summary of a book.
These are not my words.

1. The best way of winning at everything is to enjoy competing.
2. I can be a winner based on my goal.
3. Good enough is never good enough.
4. Applying our talent to the best of our ability brings personal satisfaction that far exceeds the amount of money we earn from it.
5. You can not succeed at anything if you are miserable with yourself and your work.
6. Seeking supporters
– Assess the value of your business.
– Listen carefully during a negotiation.
– You are not asking for investment.  You are looking for a partner.
7. You are a nice person, but be more aggressive when you face a real situation.
ex1) Don’t dare to me
ex2) Get the hell out of my way.
8. When we win a sale, someone else is loosing a sale; however, do not overdrive.
9. Risks are dependent on your measurements.
10. Find the market and the industry,
11. Do not choose to maximumnize the profits.  You need investment for new technologies.
12.You can not have a company milking a cow forever.
13. Risk can not be avoided but managed.
14. The more you avoid risk, the less likely to achieve highest possibilities.
15. Failure is not end.
16. Don’t let the size of your dream limits the scope of your capabilities.
17. The route to success follows a similar course through three Ds: determination, dedication, and drive.
18. Power is efficiency.  It is not strength or endurance.
19. During your business, getting big is not everything.  You need fast-twitch muscles.  Keep inventing and amending.
20. When you start a business, create your values.

<<6 Steps to business success>>
1> Build and maintain networks.  It’s who you know than what you know.  Get out and meet them if you don know who can assist you.
2> Keep yourself customer-centred.
3> Assess yourself honestly.
4> Work on your strength.  Do not waste precious time to improve them.
5> Always disasters come.
6> Opportunities arise for business everyday.  You can see the enemies and opportunities.

22. We all measure our achievements in different ways.
23. Once you start your business, you keep climbing with ceaseless researches,
24. We all have 24 hours.  The secret is in what we do with the same amount of time that is needed to everybody each day.
25. The best cure for procrastination is to break the task down into smaller elements and do one element at a time.
26. 80% of the effects come from 20% of causes.
27. 80% of results stem from just 20% of activities.
28. Passion alone is nothing.
29. Set a schedule.  Someday means never.
30. Build knowledges and skills.  Ambition alone is nothing.
31. Calm and clear thinking is very important.
32. Athletes are good employees.
33. Find a good team worker.
34. Employers want higher competitive or highly ranked people.
35. Team work exists all the time.
36. Workers from small towns are very careful people.
37. Workers having life plans are better workers.
38. You’re not just getting bigger (the permanent inventions)
39. Work history in small companies are very good.
40. !0% of the workers make differences.
41. Laugh together when you work.
42. Provide employees clear information.
43. The most successful people in any enterprise are the ones who venture beyond the comfort of their cave in search of something better across the next river and over the next hill.
44. The most important part of listening involves remaining silent.  Be silent and let them speak.  Be silent and let them interested in.
45. Silence helps yø¨choose good words.
46. Silence between sentences also builds an expectation on the part of listeners.  It sharpens their listening powers by generating a certain amount of suspense.
47. Your personal brand is very important.
48. Against barriers, you do retreating, one step away, and freezing (to do nothing).
49. The risk must be calculated.
50. You loose anyway.
51. Discuss your plan with experts, bankers, lawyers, business advisors, etc.
52. Flowing communications are required to sell products to customers.
53. Set the value of your company; you are not selling salts.
54. There is information of companies and their products on internet.
55. Deliver qualities than prices.
56. Always meet the highest people.
57. Get the information of your clients.
58. Focus on strength than fixing weakness.  Your work comes from your strength.
59. Problems are problems.  They are not opportunities.  You have to solve them first.
60. Early morning meetings are good to solve the problems.
61. You must mention problems during interviews.
62. You have to be very serious about your failures.  You must find out the causes.
63. Always have a clear goal.  Average people do not have a goal.
64. Keep building up yø¨® strength than weakness.
65. Talk to people in their own language.
66. One good measure of success is how quickly you can recover from the inevitable mistakes you make.
67. The length and difficulty of journey we take are more important than the destination we reach.  Destination is not identity.


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